Genocide Organ – 虐殺機関

Genocide Organ – 虐殺機関 2LP Tesco Organisation 2012

When I first reviewed the original 2003 version of this album, I had a bit of whinge about the packaging due to the flimsy card stock of the cover.  Thankfully such complaints have been duly addressed with this re-release, where the tracks have been re-mastered for maximum sonic punch, pressed on pristine black vinyl, housed in a de-bossed and spot varnished gatefold cover, and treated to added bonus tracks and extra poster inserts* (*only if you have a G/O re:con unit number).

As the story goes this is G/O’s ‘lost’ album that was meant to be the bridging release between the first ‘Leichenlinie’ LP and the ‘Save our Slaves’ LP.  Slated for release in 1990 on a Japanese label, this never eventuated, but was later released by Tesco to commemorate the group’s two live performances in Japan during March 2003.

Regarding the music contained herein, the main self titled portion of the album consists of 10 tracks including some classic tracks that were previously released on other formats (such as ‘Death to China’ parts I & IV and ‘White Power Forces’), that have now been released in the rightful place alongside the remaining album tracks.  Overall the album isn’t as brute force as some of the “Leichenlinie” material, rather presenting tracks of more subdued and seething anger (such is the case with the slow throbbing mass of distorted noise of vocals that comprises opener ‘Death to China I’). ‘White Power Forces’ ups the anti, with quicker and higher pitched modulated distortion, whilst the monotone vocals spit forth a barely decipherable sermon.  Punishing indeed…..   Alternately ‘Swamp’ contains a sickening and lurking atmosphere derived from its mid ranged noise and disfigured loops, with spoken vocals barely puncturing sonic mass.  ‘Sturmfieber’ chooses a more straight forward construction, using layers of mid ranged frequencies and a what sound like an archival type nationalistic song. ‘Death to China IV’ continues a seething atmosphere of loose rhythms and fluctuating noise, made all the more poignant by the sampled music lifted from a traditional Chinese opera.  ‘In the Ghetto’ is more atmospheric then other tracks, using a distant and echoed noise effects and throbbing elements that almost represents the sound of a helicopter’s rotor blades swooping low overhead. As for the slow and caustic death industrial vibe of ‘Born to be Slaughtered’, it could easily have been lifted from any of Brighter Death Now’s CD’s from the ‘Great Death’ trilogy (yes that is a complement to both!). Alternately ‘Und morgen die ganze Welt’ is noisy, chaotic and most importantly foreboding, with its doom laden loops, splintered noise and urgent shouts & wails of the vocals, with the aural torture dragged out over 11 minutes.

Regarding bonus tracks these include 3 tracks lifted from the 1991/ 1992 Japanese acetate 7”eps ‘A Case Of Orthopaedic Fetishism’ and ‘A Functional Chapter of Sexual Process’. Given these bonus tracks were recorded from the same era, they nicely bookend the main album tracks, which were nigh on impossible to obtain due to their original limitation.  Overall this new version of the ‘lost’ album of archival material does clear justice to the legacy of G/O.

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