Trepaneringsritualen – Deathward, to the Womb


Trepaneringsritualen – Deathward, to the Womb 10”ep Release the Bats 2012

Seemingly appearing out of nowhere Trepaneringsritualen, aka T x R x P, have certainly been turning heads of late.  Armed with what appears to be a master’s degree in the study of a Scandinavian death industrial and German heavy electronics, T x R x P produce a sound that acknowledges its heritage and at the same time stamps a trademark of its own.

With an echoed, distant and slow bass driven sound, ‘The Birth of Babalon’ commences proceedings, complete with muffled rambling vocals (or sample perhaps?).  Following the ritualistic tones and drugged miasma of the title track, it shifts into a queasy bass lurching rhythm on ‘Osiris, Slain and Risen’, which is complimented with chanted / yelled caustic vocals.  On the flip side ‘She is Flame of Life’ has slightly move movement in tone its pulsing / wavering layers – again with the garbled vocal effects.  Final track ‘All Hail the Black Flame’ pushes things up a notch to a rhythmic pounding death industrial beat and screeched vocal delivery – a fantastic ending to a far too short of a release.

Apart from this vinyl T x R x P also have four cassette releases out, which is rather frustrating as I tend to be a vinyl and not cassette junkie (…despite growing up in the ‘cassette age’ I can’t say that the format holds much aura for me).  However based on the sheer quality of this item I think I will need to bite the bullet and track the cassettes down (…or heres for a suggestion – is there a label willing to see if T x R x P are interested in doing a compilation of the cassette tracks on vinyl?! Now that would be a grand idea!).  Noting that Release the Bats have folded as a record label and that this is DEFINITELY worth owning, any remaining copies of this should be hunted down as a matter of priority.  Totally worth the time, effort and dollars.

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