Nyodene D – Every Knee Shall Bow

Nyodene D – Every Knee Shall Bow CD Assembly of Hatred 2011

Despite numerous cassettes and Cdr releases prior to this album, this seems to be considered as Nyodene D’s ‘proper’ debut release – and what a release it is at that.  The style of Nyodene D is an ominous one, constituting an assemblage of death industrial tones and power electronic elements for good measure.  Vocals also feature on all tracks, and when they appear they take centre stage, being rough, forceful and clearly audible in delivery (additionally treated with an echoed effect).

‘Harbinger’ leads off the album an with a doom riddled death industrial style, before layers of blast furnace noise ushers in the aggressive and apocalyptic vocal sermon.  ‘Against the Age of Kali’ has a suitably appropriate sample repeated throughout the length of the track (“Let us face, without panic, the reality of our time”), and includes a great mid section of junk metal abuse and random clatter, which has been looped to create a vaguely rhythmic effect.  Chaotic looped scrap metal abuse also constitutes a large chunk of the title track, before it shifts towards a more melancholic sound, stripped of the metallic noise, and bringing to the fore wavering synth drones and echoed vocals, with lyrical lines overlapping one another – clearly the album’s highlight.  Again the melding of the aggressive synth lines and scrap metal abuse feature prominently on ‘There Will Come Soft Rain’, which is the shortest of the four albums tracks (which still manages to span a total play time of 51 minutes).

Maybe I am somewhat late to the chase on this one, but Nyodene D for me at least are an act to keep a keen eye on – particularly as a new full-length ‘Edenfall’ is slated for release on Malignant Records shortly.

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