Aderlating – The Golden Mass

Aderlating – The Golden Mass MC Fall of Nature 2012

For those not aware, Aderlating are a side project of the more famous (…or is that infamous?) Gnaw Their Tongues, with Mories of that particular nasty audio terror unit teaming up as a duo for Aderlating.  So in the first instance there is no getting away from a passing compassion to Gnaw Their Tongues, and on a superficial level Aderlating does comes across as the more placid (…but still disturbed) brother of the OTT ambient / noise / industrial / orchestral chaos of Gnaw Their Tounges.  But that is not to say that ‘The Golden Mass’ is easy listening by any stretch, as this contains some damn unsettling and abrasive atmospheres.

Consisting of an amalgam of ambient, industrial noise and orchestral elements, this however is not the bombast of a militant orchestral style.  Rather the orchestral aspects here are of a horror driven discordant violin strings type, as a counter point to the industrial noise, which leans towards harsher end of the sonic spectrum. On the first side, the title track commences with a bass driven ambient drone, scraping industrial elements and some great Asiatic tuned ritual chimes, which gradually builds with windswept intensity. ‘Rapture’ on the other hand contains a mass of disharmonic orchestral strings, echoed drones and field type recordings of what sounds to be a creaking rope on wood (…swinging corpse perhaps?!), to create a suitably tense aura. On the flip side ‘Song For Mahapadma’ opens with heavy doom riddled death industrial cacophony, sampled Tibetan throat chanting vocals and ritual chimes, before shifting off into a echoed mass of what sounds to be scrap metal abuse, overlaid with male choir chants and rapid bowing of discordant orchestral strings.

Although not a lengthy release, some reasonably diverse and intense soundscapes are created here, from noise industrial, dark orchestral and ritual ambient to name a few.  Pro printed crystal clear red tape and full cover J card round out this tasty morsel of a release.

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