Funerary Call – Beckoning at the Black

Funerary Call – Beckoning at the Black CD Fall of Nature 2012

This new release from Funerary Call, does not contain new material per se, but constitutes the resurrection of earlier material previously released on a limited CDr via the Fossil Dungeon in 2004 – with an extra track added for good measure.  So, when ‘Beckoning at the Black’ is contemplated in context the organic / ritualistic direction of recent Funerary Call, this older material clearly has more direct linage with 90’s sounds coming from Cold Meat Industry, i.e. the orchestral / industrial / ambient material of In Slaughter Natives, or the more composed and percussive material of early Raison D’etre etc.  Yet not coming off as a bland copy, Funerary Call evokes a certain dark classic horror soundtrack type vibe that sets it apart.

In broad terms the 7 tracks are built around a framework of doom evoking orchestral elements, which (dependant on the track) includes: wailing horns, pounding ritual drums, shrill strings, operatic wails, sparse piano / flute melodies, a heavy dose of echo and reverb and whispered / treated vocals which arise out of the sparse aural muck.  Also to provide another comparative marker, the mix of ambient washes of sound and sparse ritualistic persuasion of ‘Hel’s Hymn’ and the moody orchestral strings, horns and piano of ‘Of Death’s Breath’ brings to mind early Desiderii Marginis, which is certainly a compliment from my perspective.

Whilst ‘Beckoning at the Black’ constitutes a deviation in sound from the current direction of Funerary Call, this is a worthy release, including a great cover image (taken the 1970’s motion picture Wicker Man), to provide a suitable visual counterpart.

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