Genocide Organ – Under-Kontrakt

Genocide Organ – Under-Kontrakt LP Tesco Organisation 2011

This new album for German power electronic legends was highly anticipated, being seven years on since ‘In Konflikt’, and thankfully does not disappoint.  Thematically G/O have always worked with interesting subject matter and this time round is not exception, being based on mercenary soldiers throughout the ages, including the current trend of private military contractors used in various conflict zones around the world.

Given that G/O have matured in both sound and conceptual content, ‘Under-Kontrakt’ sees a further honing of their aesthetic.  Clearly less brute force than early material, here the tracks are more considered and ‘composed’ for what of a better term.  Tracks are primarily driven by multiple synth lines, noise layers and looped sounds to create loosely constructed and abrasive elements that weave, interlink and overlap.  Yes, this is a noisy album, but noisy in a way that the layers have clarity and most importantly – volume.

Noting that a number of compositions incorporate vocals, interestingly rather than an standard power electronics vocal attack, they are delivered here in a spoken, reserved tone and almost apathetic in places – sort of akin to a nihilistic resignation of circumstance which can descend with age and the passing of years.  However early album track ‘It’s Over’ with its queasy wavering noise layers and radio static include a more animated vocal delivery with a mantra like delivery of the song tittle towards the end.

The track ‘Denard’ seems to be concerned with Colonel Bob Denard, who was a French mercenary operating in Africa from the 1960’s to the 1990’s.  However the vocal sample used throughout appears more akin to a Black Panther Organisation speech (“white man can’t fight a guerrilla warfare”) which is placed over repetitive and drilling / burrowing noise elements.  The aforementioned apathetic vocals are most evident on the relatively ambient noise of ‘Armour Group’, allowing the lyrical message to be clearly articulated.  Arriving at the final piece ‘We’re Here To Have a Good Time’, this rounds out the 11 album tracks, with its composed pulse, droning noise and restrained and spoken lyrics delivered with a mix of spite and cynicism.

At this stage in the game G/O may be a stalwart of the scene, but with the strength of this album it is clear why they are so well regarded.  Obviously the LP is long sold out, but still available on unlimited CD.  Without a doubt highly recommended.

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