Sphare Sechs – Tiefschlaf

Sphare Seches – Tiefschlaf CD Malignant Records 2012

Sphare Seches are a drone ambient duo, consisting of Martin Sturtzer of another Malignant Records project Phelios, who has teamed up with another individual Christian Stritzel.  From the outset the back story of this particular album provides a pretty significant indication of what to expect herein, as ‘Tiefschlaf’ is a live recording from a ‘sleep-concert’ held in Germany in September, 2011.  So when taking such a concert format in mind, it is quite reasonably to expect calm uninterrupted ambient drones which seek to lull the listener into meditative or dreamlike states.

Although containing six untitled ‘phases’, these interlink into a singular 55 minute musical piece which reveals calm, slowly evolving abstract ambience, which skirts the edges of darker soundscapes and sonic terrains.  Noting the sparseness of the compositions the overarching aesthetic is one which ebbs towards isolationist ambient spheres and maybe a reasonable comparison would be a slightly more animated and less cold and bleak version of Thomas Koner.  Also whilst a lot dark ambient material seems to evoke a perception of vertical depth, here ‘Tiefschlaf’ contains a similar tonal depth but instead sonically articulates a wide screen and infinite horizon type of ambience.

By now it should be pretty clear of whether this is material to your interest and if so this will provide a suitably engaging listen.  Great stuff.


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