Trepaneringsritualen – Roi Perdu

Trepaneringsritualen – Roi Perdu MC Black Horizons 2012

Not a new release from T x R x P, rather a repress of an earlier 2010 tape, with this new edition limited to 150.  Here the packaging is beautifully presented, including gold print on iron black card stock for the inner J card and jet black casing with metallic printed stickers for the cassette.

Less harsh than the recent 10”ep (reviewed here), this MC focuses on more ritualised ambient fields for its atmospheric and archaic analogue sounds.  This alternate sound approach is immediately evident on the first track ‘De La Mer’ with its slow ritual percussion, wavering wood wind instrument and great croaked and slightly distortion treated vocals.  Moving onto the second track ‘Le Seul Vrai Roi’ seeks a more ominous path of sustained drones and vocals distorted to the point that they become yet another sound element within the soundscape. On side two ‘Champ Sacre’, toys with the similar sound elements of synth layers and ritualised chimes, but the percussive pounding elements engender a more classic death industrial tone, again with the screech / distorted vocals which are very much a trademark of T x R x P’s sound. This track bleeds into the final of the four tracks ‘Decoupage De L’Orme’ which strips away the percussive elements to reveal a sparse windswept soundscape with field recordings of a burning fire, distant agonised screams (…heretics being burnt at the stake perhaps?) and vocals of the deep ‘demonic growling’ variety.

Although a short tape, a very strong occult vibe permeates all facets of this release and demonstrates a very strong a focused approach of the artist, where clearly T x R x P deserves all the accolades coming their way of late.


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