Inade – Audio Mythology One


Inade – Audio Mythology One LP/ CD Loki Foundation 2012

As is the case with the publication of any new release from Inade this is usually reason enough to celebrate, however with reference to the album’s title it is indicative of being the first in a series of archival material.  So given that subsequent releases are slated in the ‘Audio Mythology’ series, clearly this is additional reason to celebrate. Regarding ‘Audio Mythology One’, the album consists of eight tracks derived from 2001-2012, with the liner notes revealing that four tracks were released on various compilations, whilst the remaining four were previously unreleased until now.  It also seems that tracks have been further mixed, edited and in some cases reworked in bringing these tracks to fruition for this release.

Noting the span of years in which these tracks are derived it is appropriate to reflect on Inade’s modus operandi over their 21 year history. Upon such refection an evident characteristic has been Inade’s inclusion on a significant number of compilations, where submitted tracks have formed important parts of their sonic puzzle and vital stepping stones in the evolution of their music.  Ultimately this tells volumes of the commitment of Inade to their craft and is a far cry the attitude of many acts that seem comfortable with using compilations to off load second rate tracks.  Thus based on the above circumstances ‘Audio Mythology One’ contains fantastic material and through the further editing, mixing and mastering comes across as a release that is as strong as any of their main ‘official’ albums.

Referencing its scope and style, the collection of tracks which makes up ‘Audio Mythology One’ are very much rooted in the later era of the group and the sound of what Inade do best.  That is esoteric mysticism set to sound – emanations from the void which intertwine deep space cosmic tones with otherworldly and occasional orchestral elements.  Yet on a more bland descriptive level this can be defined as experimental music which combines aspects of abstract modern classical music with more traditional dark ambient material.  Variously the tracks are meticulously composed with sonic elements including: slow wailing of ceremonial horns, deep ritualistic percussive beats, melancholic orchestral elements (strings/ brass), multi-layered and interweaving drones, echoed and abstract metallic/ crystalline/ shimmering sonic textures, disembodied vocals and well-placed dialogue samples to flesh out thematic context.

Across the span of their career Inade have managed to reach spiralling heights through the refinement of the compositional skills and in the process have created a multi-dimensional aural world.  Their status is clearly evidenced by their ability to effortlessly evoke archaic and universal vistas of a monolithic scale, which effectively elevates the listener out of a limited human scale perspective.  As an overall experience ‘Audio Mythology One’ is exceedingly masterful – transcendent even – and in many ways trying to describe the album merely in context of the sum it its parts does not do it adequate justice.  Ultimately Inade’s ‘sonic sculptures’ need to be experienced via full audio immersion (…noting that ‘Audio Mythology One’ has been released in limited edition of 300 vinyl LP/ CD set and unlimited CD for such purposes). Without a doubt ‘Audio Mythology One’ is far more than a mere stop gap release and is another welcome addition to Inade’s discography.

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