Trepaneringsritualen – Judas Goat

Judas Goat

Trepaneringsritualen – Judas Goat 7”ep Fang Bomb 2013

With reference to the recent T x R x P re-releases, ‘Judas Goat’ thankfully represents some bona fide new material.   Here the two tracks are presented as a double A sided single, which both demonstrate a more streamlined ritual industrial and somewhat ‘song’ based approach.

‘Judas Goat’ leads of the first side of the vinyl and is a beast of a track, where its construction relies on cyclic intertwining rhythmic elements.  Muffled drums and corrosive garbled vocals introduce the track, yet these elements remain fairly subdued and sit within the background.  These base elements are then complimented by stilted and jittery rhythmic elements which burst forth at cyclic intervals throughout the track and are duly accompanied by seething vocals yelling the repeated lyrics of: “My Brother. Betrayer. Your blood on my hands. I claim your death. I claim your death. I claim your death in my name”.  In a word: superb.

On the flip side ‘Didymus Christ’ is less complex, built on fast paced tribal percussion, various fractured sonic elements and again the use of prominent vocals.  Due to its central driving beat ‘Didymus Christ’ evokes a trance-inducing aura and as a consequence is entirely different from the focused force of ‘Judas Goat’.

As with other T x R x P’s output the productions is murky and ash black, which suits the material perfectly.  White vinyl and a black and white, double sided fold out cover rounds out this collectable release, issued in and edition of a mere 141 copies (141 = I-4-I = eye for eye?).  Regardless of any symbolic context of its edition ‘Judas Goat’ delivers a powerful but all too short 7” worth of new material.


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