The Vomit Arsonist – Reason

Vomit Arsonist Reason

The Vomit Arsonist – Reason MC Nil By Mouth Recordings 2010

Given this tape obviously predates the excellent ‘Go Without’ album from 2012, it illustrates sole project member Andrew Grant in slightly less refined form, but still resulting in an interesting and solid release.

‘Lifeless’ opens the tape with a grinding pulse and loosely constructed metallic factory clatter all wrapped up in a cavernous tonal aesthetic, upon which the aggressive, echoed distorted vocals are spewed forth.  ‘Environment’ plays with similar sound, but comes across as more aggressive in the vocal department (“GIve me one reason. Give me one fucking reason”), whilst also evoking a melancholic tone due to some some depressive synth lines.  The highlight track of the tape is found in the form of ‘Existence’, which features layered ominous descending synth drones and distortion drenched vocals, which although simple in construction absolutely hits the mark.  Alternately ‘Purpose’ opts to deliver an aggressive and loosely looped power electronics piece, which makes way for the final track ‘Ten Suicides’ which is a cover of a Bloodyminded song.  Although less bleak than the original, it does manage to match the intensity within the frame of The Vomit Arsonists’ sound.

Packaging is suitably DIY for the tape format, including black spray painted case and photocopied card inserts which are housed in a sealed mini ‘garbage bag’ style sleeve.

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