Shift / HH – Full Weight Of The Opposition

shift HH

Shift / HH – Full Weight Of The Opposition 10”ep Unsound Recordings 2013

Rather than constituting a split release this is a collaboration between these two UK based acts and features three tracks which traverse the border regions of power electronics, noise and industrial (…to great result I might add).

‘Pigshit’ is a monolithic track which takes up the first side of the vinyl and features a sustained and crushing bass drone, upon which a loose mass of heavy metallic scraping sounds and looped junk noise are overlaid.  Vocals then arrive as a fully separate sound layer (sitting high within the mix), being distorted and harsh, but also using sparingly throughout the track.  On the vinyl’s flip side ‘Truth Is Conflict” takes a similar sonic approach again utilising loosely constructed loops of metallic resonance and bass grinding intensity, again including the sporadic use of heavy power electronics vocals.  The third and final track ‘Their Fall Will Be Harder Than Ours’ differs slightly due to the heavy bass loops giving a sense of stilted rhythmic intensity over its extended length.  Also setting this track apart are the vocals which are subdued and spoken in delivery, which works extremely well as a point of difference to a usual harder, aggressive and distorted power electronic vocal style.

Given all three tracks are expertly executed and have been recorded and mastered for sheer punishing effect, this 10” is an excellent and ferocious listen which is also testament to the high quality of the current crop of power electronics / noise / industrial acts operating out of the UK.

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