Iron Fist of the Sun – Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand


Iron Fist of the Sun – Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand CD Cold Spring 2013

The rather prolific Iron Fist of the Sun (IFOTS) returns with a new album and continues with the now trademark Princess Diana themed artwork, yet it is not immediately evident whether this thematic material also extends to the lyrics and song titles.

Putting questions regarding conceptual content aside, the album opens with the subdued track ‘For You I Will‘, which utilises a repeated bass riff as the main focus, coupled with spoken vocals (…rendered indecipherable due to the distortion treatment), whilst a morse code ‘bleep’ delivers a coded message.  ‘The Dog Has No Master’ follows and is also relatively subdued with its deep bass pulse, scattered tonal noise and distortion warped vocals.  Thus it takes until the third track ‘Be Forever Green’ to really ramp up into a more ‘standard’ IFOTS power electronics sound, where all sound elements (i.e.queasy loops, pounding percussion and aggressive vocals) are tonally sharp and cleanly separated in the mix.  The longest track on the album is the excellent 12 minute ‘Saltpurse’, which during its first half is clinical and morbid in atmosphere with multiple pulsing elements and low synth drones.  Alternately the second half of the track is defined by excellent static riddled and melancholic synth layers over which aggressive vocals are delivered (…partly bringing to mind the sound of Nyodene D).  The tile track then concludes the album, which is constructed with heavy and sharp multi-layered ‘laser precision’ digital distortion – again with the trademark distortion laced vocals.

With only five tracks and a play time of 36 minutes, this is a relatively short release, yet with its meticulously constructed sound and sharp and clear production, it is another fine example of the varied approach IFOTS has taken to his particular style of industrial and power electronics.

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