Shift – Hatet / Misären


Shift – Hatet / Misären 7”ep Untergeschoss / Filth  & Violence 2013

Evidently this 7”ep represents Shift’s ode to Malmö – and this is not meant as a celebration, given the words of the artist: “This is part one of my tribute to Malmö, the shithole I come from.”

Hatet-Misären (Kackerlackorna)’ takes the lead and is straight forward and menacing in atmosphere with mid toned static drones, cavernous slow pounding beat, radio chatter (in Swedish?) and buried vocals which ramp up during various sections throughout (…random car horns and traffic noise leads the track to its conclusion).  ‘Motstånd-Handling (Duscha Först, Gasa Sen)’ takes up the flip side and starts with more radio samples (…again Swedish?), but is heavier and more forceful than side A.  Here the track is focused on a cascading/ crumbling layers of distortion, along with sporadically used harsh vocals.  There is little to no variation in the track, just a great example of a forceful and barely composed power electronics style, underscored with harsh distortion charged vocals.

Short and sharp ‘Hatet / Misären’ sees Shift in fine, if not slightly looser and regressive form (given the tracks appear less refined than other current material), but still delivering two harsh and no-frills power electronics tracks.  The cover constitutes a photocopied sheet which suits this lo-fi and well executed 7”ep, issued in a limitation of 200 copies.

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