Contagious Orgasm / Kadaver – A Tragedy Without A Border Line


Contagious Orgasm / Kadaver – A Tragedy Without A Border Line CD Wrotycz Records 2011

Just so is stated up front, I will admit that I am not intimately familiar with the musical outputs of either of these contributing projects.  However I am at least aware that the Israeli project Kadaver works within a broad power electronics and death industrial sound, whilst the long active Contagious Orgasm from Japan has traversed many sounds across experimental, noise, industrial and ambient spheres over the last 25 years.

For this collaborative album, three lengthy tracks are presented spanning between 17 and 21 minutes each.  However in actuality the three tracks give the impression of being part of a singular and much larger album length piece, which spans aspects of experimental industrial, noise, and ambient.  Given the sprawling nature of the tracks the relatively loose and freeform nature of the compositions is openly displayed, which flow and evolve through multiple segments, rather than adhering to a more focused and composed structure.  As such some diverse sonic elements are utilised, ranging from flaying noise, micro-tonal field recordings, humming synth textures, spoken vocals samples, sampled and treated string quartet/ piano samples, pulsing distortion, hazy ambience and droning soundscapes etc.  Likewise with the loose combination elements it achieves a hallucinogenic aspect to the bizarrely tinged atmospheres.   Effectively the album’s success is in its ability to evokes a dreamlike state, where tracks veer from the intensively nightmarish to the outright weird without being jarring or disjointed.

With my lack of familiarity with both projects I can’t really say which aspects of this may lean towards each individual project, however this may be a moot point as this album has certainly been a surprising and unexpectedly challenging listen.  Given the ‘out there’ aspects, clearly this would be an album suited for the more sonically adventurous, rather than for those wanting their fix of a particular genre.

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