Seirom – Sparkle Night


Seirom – Sparkle Night MC Sulphurous Productions 2013

If you were to take Mories De Jong’s main projects on face value (Gnaw Their Tongues, Aderlating etc), you would potentially have a skewed perception of an extremely disturbed mind at work.  However given the capacity for individuals to hold differing and conflicting perspectives within their psyche (aka the duality and balance of darkness and light), Seirom is representative of beauty and fragility to counterbalance the harrowing chaos and seething darkness of Gnaw Their Tongues and Aderlating.  In fact Seirom delivers such a blissful tonal quality that it was entirely unexpected from the same person behind Gnaw Their Tongues.  Noting this alternate sonic perspective, interestingly Seirom was created to focus on lighter material espousing beauty and love, as apparently the unbridled negativity of Gnaw Their Tongues was causing negative psychological impact for Mories.

Although not Seirom’s first release, ‘Sparkle Night’s is a new two track 20 minute tape, featuring some beautiful cinematic quality, droning instrumental post-rock/ shoegaze styled soundscapes.  Noting that the compositions are structured using some typical band elements (guitar, bass, sparse drums etc) these are treated as washes of sound within the sonic palate, meaning this feels more like more likely a studio project than band.  As such the title track displays droning synths, fireside field recordings, fuzzed out widescreen tremolo strummed guitars, sparse tinkling piano, warm enveloping electronics and a heavy dose of echo and reverb to provide a hazy and peaceful aura.  Here the composition instead of building to a peaked crescendo, gradually elevates to an all-encompassing wall of warm enveloping sound, thus resulting in music of total emersion.  The second of the two tracks ‘Only Miss You When It Snows’ is slightly more animated, if only by virtue of the more focused percussive element, yet with its disappearance in the later third of the track it is back to blissed out territory, complete with quasi choir textures.

From the above it is clear that Seirom output is vastly different to that which might normally be expected from Mories.  Essentially it a sound which has very much been turned on its head, akin to the same way his name has been inverted for this project’s moniker.  By way of a passing comparison, Seirom sits somewhere in-between the lighter ambient soundscape oriented tracks Justin Broderick has produced under the JESU moniker and the selected drone works of Aidan Baker/ Nadja.  Being the first release on the new Sulphurous Productions and with a limitation is to a mere 50 copies which seems all too few for what is both an entirely surprising and rewarding listen.

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