…twelve month anniversary…

So, today marks the twelve month anniversary of the launch of the noise receptor blog – rather ominously on Friday the 13th!

Upon reflection of this milestone, I can say I have achieved quite a bit more in the first 12 months than I would have initially expected, with 75 detailed reviews written and published in the time.  Also achieving 12,000 site hits within the first year is a pretty decent figure, considering it is a review blog with such a niche underground focus.

Also when I launched the noise receptor blog in September 2012, I had no inkling it would result in another personal ‘zine publication, yet noise receptor journal no.1 became a reality within 7 months of the blog launch.  So being able to publish the print version of the blog to positive feedback is really an added bonus  (…and speaking of noise receptor journal no.1, I only have a handful of copies left – so move fast if you want one!  info: here).

Given that I have now fallen into a bit of a rhythm of publishing a review a week, let’s see where the next 12 months leads. Thanks also to you the readers – which from the statistics function of wordpress I can see span all corners of the globe – as it you continued perusal of this site which is the main reason it exists in the first place.

To the next twelve months and beyond…


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