Olle Oljud – 27/28

OO 27:28

Olle Oljud – 27/28 7”ep Lamour Records 2014

Lamour Records is a relatively new Swedish label (lauched in 2012), which focuses on electronica, ambient and soundart.  Although this is my first introduction to both this act and label, according to the promo sheet: “Lamour records proudly presents composer and visual artist Olle Oljud, one of the most beloved artists in the Sweden’s experimental music sphere”.  I am not sure if this blurb is being slightly facetious, but this perception is partly due to having not heard of Mr Oljud before.  That said, he may actually be extremely well regarded in the experimental circles he operates within – and I guess that is the nature of things when it comes to underground music and the potential reach of micro-scenes within a global context.  But I digress.  Here we have a 2 track 7”ep which seeks to showcase two differing sides to Olle’s experimental sound works.

The first side presents ’27 minimal’ which does not take too much of a stretch of the imagination to discern that this particular track is minimalist in style, where here the composition aims towards a series electronic hums and drones.  The track contains occasional ‘cut up’ stylistic textures which are also mixed with oscillating frequencies, which gradually build in intensity over its 7 minute length.  Overall ’27 minimal’  manages to be equally sharp yet subdued in tone, where it textural electronics creates a ‘swarm of wasps’ type sonic atmosphere. The track also balances a sound which feels partly controlled and partly improvised.

On the flipside ‘under 28’ takes a more forceful route, with a stratum of mid ranged static and electronic distortion.  Noting that this does not constitute harsh wall noise nor controlled power electronics styled distortion, this track achieves a sound which sits somewhere in-between.  Mid track things slack off slightly to allow for some micro-tonal type experimentation and more broadly in amongst the waves of static there are some oscillating loops partially buried in the mix.  These loops function to hint at some semblance of structure, thus avoiding the perception of being all out noise experimentation. Again the track manages to chart a course between the partly controlled and partly improvised.

For its presentation the two toned red haze coloured vinyl includes an individually hand painted abstract painting for each of the hand numbered 250 copies.  With its varied focus this is an interesting 7”ep, particularly if your interests align towards the experimental sound art side of underground electronic music.

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