Te/DIS – Black Swan


Te/DIS – Black Swan 7”ep Galakthorrö 2013

Here we have the debut 7”ep from Te/DIS who seem to be a relatively new project, where incidentally the ‘coded’ moniker is shorthand for ‘Tempted Dissident’.  However other than this basic information there is not much else regarding the origins and heritage of this project.  Nevertheless what is presented is hard rhythmic electronic/ industrial musings which verge towards a coldwave / post-punk style, thus fits perfectly within the broad sound of the Galakthorrö roster.

The opening title track ‘Black Swan’ sets the template by featuring icy cold, mid paced industrial percussion, wavering synth melodies and monotone partly spoken/ sung vocals, which direct the sound towards a post-punk aesthetic.  ‘OvID’ then follows with a similar mid paced programmed post-punk style, but here features a more catchy combination of dour synth melody, rhythmic bass, mid paced pounding industrial programmed beat, again with the obligatory commanding sung/ spoken vocals. ‘Tautology’ opens the flip side of the vinyl with a more urgent and anxiety inducing tone, based on its faster paced electronic rhythm, pulsing static bursts, droning synth lines and aggressively delivered vocals. ‘Wait and See is the final of the 4 tracks which reverts to a mid-paced rhythmic programmed beat which is mixed with a maudlin toned synth work out.  With particular reference to the echo treated spoken/ sung male vocals, in many ways these reflect the more subdued output of later era Haus Arafna.

Despite being only a 7”ep release, Te/DIS manage to accomplish a highly varied sound and approach across its 4 tracks.  Likewise with its stylistic minimalist design, pressing on slick black vinyl and issued in a limitation of 489 hand numbered copies, this is yet another collectable release from the Galakthorrö stables.

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