Blitzkrieg Baby – Kids’ World EP


Blitzkrieg Baby – Kids’ World EP MC Beläten 2014

Promptly following the 2013 debut, the twisted musical offspring of Kim Solve has returned with this cassette only EP (…also available digitally).  But rather than constituting new music, this release features a collection of unreleased tracks and previously issued compilation appearances.  Also interestingly this ‘EP’ has a total play time in the order of 40 minutes, which dwarfs the shorter length of the debut at 33 minutes. Confusion is the key it seems!

The first side of the tape collects together 4 previously unreleased compositions and opens with the title track, being a mid-paced militant industrial ditty, featuring a stoic mid-paced industrial beat, ominous horns and commanding spoken/ sung vocals delivering sarcastic lyrics describing lost innocence and violence desensitisation. ‘Loop’ follows and sits more towards a dark ambient/ death industrial sound of grinding (…you guessed it) loops, complete with a recorded diary entry articulating a bleak scene of subtle menace and paranoia.  Up next ‘The Swine Supremacy’ again morphs in style, being a plodding rhythmic industrial soundscape with the cleaver use of spoken vocals which recite random phrases in ‘media newspeak’ styled delivery.  Noting the variety displayed on the first three tracks ‘Those They Could Not Fuck, They Killed’ shifts yet again, being an instrumental track which is an excellent example of an ominous widescreen industrial soundscape, further accentuated by catatonic bass thuds.

For side B of the cassette it brings together 4 previously released compilation tracks and 1 previously unreleased track. The strange yet intriguing track ‘Half Pig Half Man’ is up first, where shuddering, off kilter loops provides the basis and a degree of urgency for the sardonic vocal mutterings.  ‘Broken Child’ follows in subdued fashion and contains a morose atmosphere of wavering synths, rhythmic bass loops, upon which understated and fragile sung vocals are overlaid.  ‘Incinerator Symphony No. I’ is a standout offering, here evoking the best of the pummeling and shuddering bleakness of ‘The Slaughterhouse’ era Brighter Death Now, where sparse harmonic notes (xylophone perhaps?) provides a nice sonic touch.  ‘Children In Uniform MMXIII’ (an alternate version to that featured on ‘Porcus Norvegicus’), returns to composed song based approach with militant rolling beats, shrill orchestral strings and yelled/ echoed vocals.  This version is noted to differ from the original by the orchestral string being pushed to the background and a plodding bass brought to the fore.  On the final track ‘Your Happy Place’, it is the track which deviates most significantly from the material which precedes it (…to the point of feeling almost tacked on), given it is a composition which flirts closely with dark industrial pop style.  Here a plodding bass, two-step beat and programmed synth drive the piece forward, complete with spoken vocals and synth break flourishes (…whilst interesting, this style is something these ears are typically accustomed to).

Noting the ‘Kids’ World EP’ brings together earlier existing material, where this succeeds is with its further display of the wide variety of sonic approaches and playful nature that Blitzkrieg Baby employs under the ‘industrial’ banner.  Likewise with its even greater deviance in sound and approach than was displayed on ‘Porcus Norvegicus’, it raises the question of exactly where Kim will take the project on the upcoming sophomore album?


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