Abre Ojos / Illuminoscillate – A Place Of Quiet / Circle Of Spit


Abre Ojos / Illuminoscillate – A Place Of Quiet / Circle Of Spit 7”ep Secrets of Giza 2013

Two of Australia’s purveyors of modular synth driven dark ambience have teamed up for this short and sharp double A side vinyl 7”ep. Given the relative stylistic synergies between the two, hopefully this split will serve to further raise the profile of both projects.

Although the title of Abre Ojos’s piece ‘A Place of Quiet’ might be slightly misleading, it is anything but quiet.  Presenting a piece of partly ritualised, multi-layered dark ambience, it includes shimmering mid ranged pulsar harmonics, sporadic gong tones, crumbling bass thumps and sub-orchestral power drones, all infused with a slight static edge. Whilst this is not significantly far from the established sound of the project, is slightly set apart due to its increased degree of drive and urgency.

‘Circle of Spit’ is Illuminoscillate’s offering and dives head long into a track of grinding black hole ambience which is partially mechanised in tone. Here a subdued percussive pulse is soon engulfed by forceful cyclic waves of sound which multiply in intensity. There is a clear and forceful tonal strength to these galactic synth drones which radiate an inherent power, before the track collapses into oblivion.

With the length limitations imposed by the format, both project manage to articulate a slightly more urgent sound than the abstract and long form works of their album counterparts. And whilst functioning within a similar sonic palette, each project clearly articulates an individual take on the experimental droning dark ambient sound. With a limitation of 100 copies is both an interesting and worthy release.

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