The Grey Wolves / Genocide Organ – Absolute Truth


The Grey Wolves / Genocide Organ – Absolute Truth 12”LP Tesco Organisation 2014

Whist the impatient wait for new full length albums from both The Grey Wolves and Genocide Organ continues, ‘Absolute Truth’ comes as a welcomed stop-gap release.  This mini LP presents the classic Grey Wolves cut ‘Beyond Hypocrisy’ in its original form (lifted from their 1996 album ‘Catholic Priests Fuck Children’), along with a further three different versions.

On the first side of the vinyl it has been cut at 45rpm for maximum sonic impact, where the original version of The Grey Wolves classic is presented first in all its powerful and chaotic glory. With a base of churning noise and throbbing industrialised rhythms, the heavily treated vocals contain a particularly distinctive tone of English antagonism in their delivery. What also elevates the impact of this track is when the throbbing bass sporadically drops out, to then absolutely hit hard when dropped back into the mix. Being weighty and with an enveloping urgency ‘Beyond Hypocrisy’ is English power electronics at its finest, being entirely worthy of its classic status. The second version presented is taken from Genocide Organ’s 2012 live performance in their hometown of Mannheim, where during this performance Dave Padbury joined the group on stage to deliver this punishing version of The Grey Wolves classic. Essentially this is a faithful live presentation of the studio version, where the flanged vocals sit slightly higher in the mix.  Whilst the live recording clearly hints at the heaviness of the live performance, it however cannot match the sonic weight of the studio mix which immediately precedes it.

On the flip side two further versions of ‘Beyond Hypocrisy’ are presented, effectively being lengthier soundscape mixes of the original (with this side of the vinyl cut at 33rpm as a result). ‘Absolute Hypocrisy’ is up first and has a subdued yet tense atmosphere and without any detail of who contributed to this track, this very much comes across as modern day Genocide Organ cover version, given the tone and sonic approach is quite similar to the sound of ‘Under Kontrakt’.  The lengthly introduction section is constructed with layered burrowing noise, media samples and maudlin antagonistic vocals, before the recognisable throbbing industrialised rhythms of original version kick in. From here it includes the addition of what sounds like new layers of crumbling noise, radio chatter and vocals which sound very much like they are courtesy of Wilhelm Herrich of Genocide Organ. The final version is ‘Absolute Hypocrisy (Nietzche Mix’), which is a remix of source material take from the original version. Here the sound is more ‘soundscape’ in presentation, where then original vocals are elevated to the forefront of the mix, the heavier chaotic noise and throbbing rhythmic elements set to the background, and droning sub-orchestral layers added to provide a dark cinematic quality.

Given that The Grey Wolves and Genocide Organ are often lauded as definitive groups of the power electronics genre, this release is testament to exactly why this has been and continues to be the case. Each version of ‘Absolute Hypocrisy’ which is presented on ‘Absolute Truth’ contains elements faithful to the original, yet also containing defined and distinct qualities to allow them to each stand on their own.  Clearly ‘Absolute Truth’ is destined to become another sought after vinyl from The Grey Wolves and Genocide Organ. Recommended.

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