Mshing – Exterminate


Mshing – Exterminate 3”CDr L.White Records 2014

Mshing constitutes an Australian project (helmed by Luke Holland), whom have not cropped up on this radar before but incidentally have been around since 2005.  Noting that Mshing already have 20+ releases to their name, evidently earlier material was more of a harsh noise variety, whereas on this release the project has gravitated towards a death industrial/ power electronics style and sound.  Given that the harsh noise does not amount to much of this reviewer’s listening habits whereas obviously a lot of death industrial/ power electronics does, it seems an opportune time to check out the project.

The short 2 minute track ‘Cleanse’ opens proceedings with festering analogue death industrial piece, where a vague element of structure provided by a slow thumping rhythm (distorted bass or drum machine – not sure?). ‘Exterminate’ is up next with a more loosely constructed rumbling mass of bass heavy sonics and seething, semi-buried, distortion and echo treated vocals which are spoken in delivery rather than the typical aggressive shouted/ yelled delivery.  The instrumental ‘Defile’ continues with a similar sonic sphere, but contains a slightly greater sense of structure with its throbbing and cascading mid paced rhythmic loops. Certainly a solid offering. For the final track ‘Weaken’ it elevates towards a more direct yet loose power electronics squall, with sharp mid-toned shuddering distortion and unintelligible aggressive treated vocalisations.

Overall this mini-release is both heavy and seething, but at the same time somewhat subdued compared to typical overtly aggressive elements of genre, meaning aural violence is implied rather than executed through an all-out sonic assault.  Given that on this short 21 minute release Mshing display strong abilities with a bleak death industrial/ power electronics sound, it will be interesting to see where the project heads on future offerings.


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