Nekrofellatio – Pesadilla En Una Noche Sin Estrellas


Nekrofellatio – Pesadilla En Una Noche Sin Estrellas CD Death Continues Records 2014

This rather mysterious Italian project (helmed by Leonardo Carballo Canto), returns with their second album and again on the same label who released their debut. As with the first album it seems Nekrofellatio is intent on channelling the morbid minimalism of the fellow Italian project Atrax Morgue, but still manages to do this with enough individual flair so as to be just a ‘mere’ copyist project.  Yet, whereas the debut displayed a loose crudeness to the death industrial musings, on this new album there is a much greater degree or control and restraint on display.  Essentially tracks are constructed with minimal fuss – usually a central oscillating analogue tone – around which other muted occasionally rhythmic layers are added for atmospheric effect.  Echo and reverb also play a strong part in the foggy atmospheres created.

‘Sex Electronic Poison’ opens the album is suitable fashion with cold and slow evolving minimalist drones, smattering of dialogue samples, 80’s horror synths and muted grinding static.  Things then kick in in an impressive fashion on ‘Unidos Por La Sangre’ with warbling atonal synths, choral vocals and rolling industrial/ tribal rhythms and garbled demonic vocalisations.  ‘Muneco De Carne’ then opts for the heavy use of multi-layered and intertwining dialogue samples (religion, death and abuse seem key topics here), which are set against a loose yet stifling analogue distortion base which ramps up in intensity over the track’s span.  ‘Disgusted By Humans’ also pushes into more urgent territory, with forceful rhythmic loops and waves of echo infused distortion.  ‘Demoni’ functions as a touch more unhinged and chaotic, including field recordings of random crowd noise, screamed violence and a grinding upsurge of static.  Late album track ‘Reanimated Flesh’ opts for slightly more mechanised rhythmic structure with mid paced factory-esque loops.

All in all this is not an outwardly aggressive album, rather it is one which embodies a slow, tense and stalking atmosphere which has been honed to razor sharpness through the mastering undertaken by John Stillings (aka Steel Hook Prosthesis). With ten tracks at just short of hour’s playtime, this is a far more focused and accomplishes album than the debut, and should more than please any fan of Atrax Morgue’s morbid analogue minimalism.

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