Nyodene D – Mouths That Reap The Harvest


Nyodene D – Mouths That Reap The Harvest LP Urashima 2014

Following the excellent full length ‘Edenfall’ on Malignant Records (from 2012 – reviewed here) and the ‘Atop Masada’ MC on Nil By Mouth Recordings (from 2013 – reviewed here), Nyodene D return with a new album on the cult Urashima label. However with this release containing three lengthy tracks spanning around 28 minutes of music, this feels more like an extended EP than a proper full length.

To place the sound of this LP it needs to be considered within context of the focused power electronics sound of ‘Edenfall’, as well as the more expansive and experimental sound of ‘Atop Masada’. Thus where ‘Mouths That Reap The Harvest’ stands is that it continues the template of the later MC by encapsulating longer form and slowly evolving tracks. Side A is taken up with the single extended track ‘Ansuz Ascending’ where its structure follows a long drawn out build-up, consisting of a central pounding beat, grinding drones and cyclically elevating noise.  The track’s upward movement is slow and ominous where the distortion is mid-range and skirts the edge of a higher pitched and sonically invasive tone.  It is then only towards the latter half of the track that the aggressive yet slow drawled and flanged vocalizations kick in with morose intensity.

For side B ‘Jera In Merkstave (Black Harvest)’ opens with a militant thrum which is soon coupled with slow looped static and antagonistic vocals which radiate off into the distance due to the slow echoed treatment.  With its oscillating structure and wavering drone undercurrent this piece provides a more direct power electronics feel.  ‘The Thunder Comes’ is the third and final track and is slightly more morose overall.  Here it uses an atonally wailing trumpet to excellent effect, coupled with a relatively minimalist drone-scape and subdued but heavily flange treated vocals.  Within the later section the grinding looped noise subtly builds, as the warbling and wailing trumpet also increases in playing intensity.  Noting the use of a non-typical instrument, the trumpet on the piece begs a comparison to mind IRM due to their similar use of similar brass instrumentation on their ‘Four Studies For Crucifixion’ 10”EP.

Overall there is a rougher and slightly noisier edge to the sound of the LP, being less ‘polished’ than the shaper sound found on ‘Edenfall’, which also probably has a lot to do with the analogue format of the vinyl. As such ‘Mouths That Reap The Harvest’ is another excellent addition to Nyodene D’s quickly expanding discography and pretty much with all Urashima’s outputs 99 copies simply feels too few, so move quick before this disappears for good.

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