Herz Jühning – Paradise


Herz Jühning – Paradise 7”EP Galakthorrö 2014

Herz Jühning is an existing member of the Galakthorrö roster but has only issued three releases since 2007 (consisting of two 7”EP’s and a full length album). This is his third and latest release containing 4 tracks spread across 15 minutes of wax.  Whilst drawing broadly from an German industrial and power electronics sound it is also driven by a more song focused sensibility to be the epitome of the ‘angst pop’ style which defines segments of the Galakthorrö roster.  The sound of ‘Paradise’ is also noted to slightly differ from the more direct industrial/ power electronics approach of Herz Jühning’s earlier material.

‘My Confession’ is the first track and is based on a clinical and jittery beat and squelching rhythm. Likewise with the inclusion of understated female lead vocals it definitely spans a German ‘industrial’ style (in terms of sound and productions) and ‘song’ approach (in terms of succinct catchy structure), hence justifying the aforementioned ‘angst pop’ tag.  ‘To The Stars’ follows and for this reviewer is the absolute stand out track of the EP, featuring a throbbing rhythmic groove and energetic mid paced ‘pulsing’ programmed drum machine structure. Additionally the monotone heavily accented German vocals (half sung/ spoken in English) perfectly suits this melancholic yet head nodding tone of the track.

‘Road To Paradise’ opens the flip side and is more of a minimalist industrial composition consisting of clinical programming, minimalist synths, meandering bass and understated semi-chanted/ spoken vocals. For the final of the four tracks ‘Im Totraum’ is the most understated and ‘industrial soundscape’ track on offer, where maudlin spoken vocals, vague industrial rhythmic clatter and shuddering bass toned synths characterise proceedings.

On ‘Paradise’ (and with particular reference to side A), Herz Jühning has certainly nailed the ‘angst pop’ sound within his general approach. Whilst this release won’t alter anyone’s established perceptions of ‘angst pop’ influenced German industrial, this is of little consequence as the physical format of 659 copies is long sold out from Galakthorrö, obviously snapped up by fans and aficionado of Herz Jühning.

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