Genocide Organ – Archive IV


Genocide Organ – Archive IV 10”ep Tesco Organisation 2014

Genocide Organ return with a welcomed forth release in the 10”ep achieve series. As with the other prior archive releases the group continue to demonstrate they have been sitting on a wealth of unreleased material which far from being second rate actually equals the output of their most recognised and lauded releases. For this 10”ep it features approximately 24 minutes of previously unreleased material from 1992 and 1996.  5 of the 6 of the track here were recorded in 1992 evidently shortly after ‘Save our Slaves’ and are unified under the title of ‘The Lesson’. Evidently these mostly instrumental tracks were intended to be released on a 10”ep which obviously never eventuated.  For the sixth track this is derived from 1996, being recorded soon after the ‘Mind Control’ album. So potentially classic era stuff then?  Well yes – absolutely in fact.

Noting the early to mid-1990’s era of these tracks they accordingly align more closely with the prototype unpolished and aggressive power electronics sound of the group, before a more refined and controlled sound was to take prominence on later output. Thus here the main approach is the presentation of an amalgam of grinding and burrowing loops, sustained noise, and static fried tones which are structured in a myriad of mid paced semi-rhythmic structures, whilst smatterings of dialogue samples to flesh out thematic content – here relating to various aspects American imperialism and societal oppression.  Likewise the fifth and final track from ‘The Lesson’ series differs from the rest of the instrumental tracks in that it contains aggressive yet drawling and lamenting vocals.  ‘Nix-on’ the sixth and final track on the 10”ep features as a slightly more subdued soundscape track of semi-rhythmic pulses and layered swirling battlefield textures, which includes dialogue samples of (you guessed it) US President Nixon.

Without putting too much of a point on it Genocide Organ has long been recognised purveyors of scathing power electronics and this is clearly with good reason. Any ‘new’ material from the group – including previously unreleased material in the archive series –  is clearly welcomed, with this release yet again demonstrating their early dominance of such a style and approach.  Noting the collectability and fetishisation of Genocide Organ’s output the physical edition was sold out on pre-order, however for those who missed it the tracks can be obtained digitally.


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