I.Corax – From Goldem Flesh to Silverb One / Kuilu



I.Corax – From Goldem Flesh to Silverb One Aural Hypnox CD 2014

I.Corax – Kuilu CD Aural Hypnox 2014

After recently inducting I.Corax into the Aural Hypnox fold, the release campaign of the project’s back catalogue continues.  Here we have two additional reissues of earlier I.Corax albums dating from 2003 and 2004 respectively, both of which were released on the short lived Finnish record label Blue Sector.

Up first is ‘From Goldem Flesh to Silverb One’ which is credited as a live studio rehearsal which was recorded in preparation for a live performance in September, 2003.  This album spans 46 minutes with 8 interlinking untitled tracks, thus unfurls as a singular long form compositions.  Embedded within the core of the album is a hazy disorienting tone within a constantly morphing and enveloping aura.  As such the album broadly covers an animated atmosphere of layered looped elements, including wailing ritual horns, with other passages spanning serene widescreen ritual/ dark ambient soundscapes which to a degree reminds of the atmosphere of label mate Zoat Aon.  Other passages seek tensile droning ritual ambient atmospheres underscored with prominently layers of natural/ nature based field recordings, throbbing bass undercurrents, sparse ritualised chimes and twisted unintelligible vocalisations.

The next album ‘Kuilu’ was issued in 2004 its original form, however the recording itself dates from March 2002, being a live recording of I.Corax’s first live performance. As such 4 tracks spanning 40 minutes (6 to 13 minutes each) evoke sweeping and darkly brooding atmospheres which is a touch less animated and slowly paced when compared to ‘From Goldem Flesh to Silverb One’.  ‘The Face of the Sun’ opens proceedings with subdued but shimmering looped structure, where additionally sound elements and disorienting vocalizations are gradually added to greater swirling miasmic effect. This piece bleeds directly into the next tracks ‘Menhir’ which follows a similar sonic template of loose loops and scattered sonic elements but introducing a slow thumping ritual beat to provide a greater degree of focus.  Alternately with its sparse swilling structure, distant widescreen drones and low sporadic bass thumps ‘Tephra’ follows a more straight forward dark ambient sound, whilst the final of the four pieces ‘Animus Desertis’ concludes the album in a style and sound reminiscent of 1970’s space synth music, complete with darkly brooding galactic toned echoed/ droning/ sweeping synth lines and microtonal/ scratching sound elements etc.

Noting that the more recent studio recorded material of I.Corax incorporates a greater degree of synthetic elements and encompasses an overarching swirling, chaotic and at times disorientating atmosphere, these two earlier recordings are somewhat more controlled and seem to be underscored a greater reliance on actual played instrumentation.  As such this would seem to be the sonic by-product of these recordings being derived from a live setting, rather than the more complex studio recordings from the project.  As per the established visual aesthetic for Aural Hypnox, the packaging for both constitutes beautifully designed screen printed cardboard covers, with a range of printed inserts and booklets.  Both albums are available separately or otherwise housed together in a hand-made silkscreened cloth pouch in a limited edition of 77 copies.

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