Funerary Call / Crown Of Bone – Self-titled / Trauma – After Visiting Hours


Funerary Call / Crown Of Bone – Funerary Call / Crown Of Bone MC Fall of Nature 2015

Trauma – After Visiting Hours MC Fall of Nature 2015

Although Fall of Nature was effectively silent during 2014, 2015 is off to a strong start with a swag of new releases; two of which are reviewed below.  The first cassette is a split between the ritual dark ambient Funerary Call and the harsh noise Crown of Bone, whilst the second tape is a re-release from an obscure UK death industrial project Trauma.  Both releases are slickly presented, including professionally pressed and printed cassettes and J cards, which is noteworthy given the small editions of each.

On the split cassette Funerary Call lead off by featuring two lengthy tracks of sparse yet intense dark ambience, and whilst building upon their recognized ritualised aesthetic the tracks sit at the longer, free form and abstract end of what the project do.  The first track ‘Idols Of Perdition’ is more animated and heavingly heavy than usual and works on two broad levels, including yawning cavernous black depths and focused micro tonal ‘scratching’ elements. Grinding synths (emulating hellish horns of death) and creaking metallic elements also substantially augment the mood, and when vocals are also present which amount to a hoarse whisper bleeding into the overall sonic mass.  The second piece ‘Silent Prayers Of Execration’ commences in sparse ritual chimes and sustained wailing elements, before a prominent cyclic bass drone gradually sweeps the track to its conclusion.  All in all a solid two track offering from Funerary Call.

Noting that straight forward harsh noise has never quite been my favorite of styles, Crown of Bone’s side was always going to compare with difficultly to Funerary Call’s side.  Nevertheless Crown of Bone deliver two lengthy tracks of grim static and blasting back noise which effectively combine to form a single cassette side track.  As such a sustained mid-range distortion is coupled with lower bass rumble, whilst vocals of a grim black metal rasp can be detected semi-buried within the mix.  Likewise underneath the wall of static there are detectable dynamics, constituting a gradual shift and flow to various the layers of distortion, where on occasion the mid-range elements fall away to reveal the underpinning/ grinding bass tone structures, which then themselves are gradually elevated in bulk and force.  Mid-way through their side of the tape the blasting wall of mid-range static sheds back into the mix, again with the grim static shredded vocalizations.

Noting my own personal listening tastes, Funerary Call’s side was always likely to be preferred side (and has been proven in the detailed listening), however Crown of Bone do a commendable grimly focused black noise approach, which compliments the occult thematic stance of the tape, as evidenced by its visuals.

For the second reviewed release Fall of Nature have dug up a rather obscure UK project to reissue their 2008 CDr  ‘After Visiting Hours’ on tape.  Self-described as “Slow Growing Surgical Death Noise”, this is good descriptor of what to expect.  As such the material is sparsely constructed, where there is definite room to breathe between sonic elements, including loose looped mechanical rhythms, clinical toned drones, throbbing textures etc.  A slow and controlled pacing across the 8 tracks is also a clear hallmark, where each piece averages a length between 5-6 minutes.  Occasional dialogue samples are utilized to compliment the basic medical themes, whilst there is also definite affinity with the sound and visual aesthetic of early Slaughter Productions releases.  Noting its mid-90’s minimalist style it is impregnated with a certain clinical morbidity and although Trauma’s tape will not change perceptions of this type of material, this has an unrefined and obscured charm all the same.  Clearly Fall of Nature should be commended for excavating this from the underground to give the project some greater spotlight and evidently new material from Trauma will be released on Fall of Nature will be issued in future, so something to look out for.

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