Fieberflug – über Calais / Schande


Fieberflug über Calais CDr Les Forges Alliées 2014

Fieberflug – Schande MC Les Forges Alliées 2014

These releases represent my first introduction to Fieberflug, however for some reason I had the impression that the project was much older than 2009 (being the year when their debut release was issued – perhaps I am confusing them with another project of which I now can’t recall?). Regardless, Fieberflug is a German industrial project of one Daniel Simon whom also operates under the more possibly well know monikers of Flutwacht (power electronics) and Amputation Desire (ambient industrial). With Fieberflug Daniel is concerned with a classic German industrial sound, which also draws from northern European expressions of death ambient and death industrial. Here we have two recent releases which have been issued on the small DIY French label Les Forges Alliées.

Up first is the ‘über Calais’ CDr, this features 4 tracks: 3 apparently studio works and the 4th being recorded live during a concert in Calais on 17 January, 2014. Here the sound is generally death industrial in approach, utilizing a heavy dose of metallic focused, echo and reverb toned factory clatter. The cavernous opener (‘Inkubationsphase1’) features an industrial soundscape of sustained windswept drones, before bleeding into the heavy metallic clanging tone of ‘Inkubationsphase2’, where metal on metal sounds generate a slow pounding industrial rhythm. The third piece ‘Neberwachter’ functions more as a subdued cyclic industrial drone, where sparse looped metallic elements and stoic quasi militant percussion provide structure and focus over its extended length. The 4th and final piece is the live recording (and longest at 25 minutes), which seeks to merge distant muted industrial drones with more focused metallic ‘factory ambience’ orientated loops, and sporadic metallic bangs and clangs. The sound is slightly more muffled than the preceding studio pieces and has a slow burn approach as the track gradually morphs into more overblown scope, but stopping short of full power electronics territory. Mid to late track pulling back to calmer realms of sustained industrial drones combined with semi-rhythmic loops, prior to the final push back into distorted and overblown spheres and although a solid piece, to this ear the studio tracks come across as more convincingly overall. Packaging is slightly divergent to the norm by including a plain unbranded CDr and a series of 4 transparent card, which are housed in a zip lock bag.

Moving onto the more recent ‘Schande’ tape, it contains 4 tracks: the first three on side A and a lengthy forth piece on the side B. This tape is mostly concerned with lo-fi mechanical death ambient musings. The material is minimalistic focused, staunchly analogue and suitably dank and cavernous in its tone. Rough, slow and sporadic metallic clangs and ringing notes (sounding like industrial sized Tibetan singing bowls), give some semblance of structure, as the underpinning factory ambience drones bleed off into the inky blackness. Slow paced metallic loops, distant factory clatter and random bumps, thuds and clangs are gradually added and subtracted as the material progresses, where a prominent wheezing sound element is perhaps some heavily treated vocals. The lengthier tape side final piece ‘Schande’ sits in more minimalist windswept plains, with semi-buried throbbing elements, cyclic cavernous loops, distant clangs and echo treated vocal moans.  With the later section of the track the morphs from a death ambient to death industrial sound through the introduction of more forceful loops and metallic elements.  Overall the mood of ‘Schande’ is one which edges towards the early sound of Brighter Death Now or Archon Satani (which is rather large praise from these quarters), albeit slightly less ‘evil’ sounding. Packaging consists of a clear tape with labels and 2 x transparent inserts housed in a zip lock bag.

Regardless of the fact that Fieberflug are not really bringing anything new to the table, I am still a sucker for this sort of dankly atmospheric analogue industrial music. With Fieberflug’s material being focused yet unhurried in pace it brings to mind the sound of the early 90’s underground coming from the pre CMI tape label Sound Source or perhaps Slaughter Productions; where this description alone will be a indicator of if this is something for you. I also appreciate Fieberflug’s music more than what I have previously heard from Flutwacht and Amputation Desire, meaning for me at least this is more than a ‘mere’ side-project. Lastly if you were to start with either of these releases the ‘Schande’ tape would be the pick for its minimalist old school death industrial sound.


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