Wilt – From Depths Profound And Inconceivable / A Daemonic Alteration


Wilt – From Depths Profound And Inconceivable CD Fall of Nature 2015

Wilt – A Daemonic Alteration MC Fall of Nature 2015

Wilt are a project I was vaguely aware of in the early 2000’s but dropped off my radar for whatever reason, but if remembering correctly the project focused on experimental dark ambient with a slightly noisier slant. From a quick look at their ‘Discogs’ listing Wilt have remained continually active since 1999 and over the last 15 years have been extremely active in fact, with in excess of 70 releases to their name. Here are two new releases from the project, issued at the same time, but on differing formats. On the aesthetic front, it appears the group have evolved towards a more occult focus as evidenced by both by titles and the darker, yawning, black noise tinged dark ambient sound.

‘From Depths Profound And Inconceivable’ features 14 tracks (between 3 and 7 minutes each), with nearly 70 minutes of music. Although all generally dark and brooding in sonic texture, there is a myriad of musical angles on display; some being staunchly dark ambient, whilst others having a doom drone frame of reference due to the use of guitars (both distorted and clean depending on the track). A crumbling, distorted rumble which underpins many pieces indicates a rougher edge to proceedings; yet depth and space is also evident within the drone framework, thus providing a broadly expansive and enveloping tone. Regarding particular tracks, ‘Buried Temples of Belial’ starts the album strongly with sampled Tibetan throat chanting, before the introduction of a heavy and prominent (slow plucked) atonally distorted guitar.  Although the introductory programmed synths on ‘Into the Sightless Vortex of the Unimaginable’ are rather uninspired and stock-standard; later the sound morphs positively to include a multitude of caustic and distorted layers (abstract guitars and overblown ritual singing bowl playing?). ‘Shadowed Souls Around A Blazing Alter’ represents a particularly doom drone focused piece, of rising /falling static riddled cyclic guitar waves while ‘An Ancient Circle of Monoliths’ is a great example of the ‘yawning abyss’ style of echoed abstract synth derived dark ambience (including mid-range static coursing through the centre of the composition). After a series of both noisy and subdued droning styled pieces, the final album track ‘Desolate Mountains’ provides a nice deviation with its dour interweaving acoustic guitars and distant rumbling backing.

Moving on to ‘A Daemonic Alteration’, it forms another complete album with 9 tracks in all, but with each being on the shorter side the overall play time is far less than the companion CD. The title track which opens the tape includes buried mechanised rhythms which intermingle with crumbling sub-orchestral drones, whereas organ dirge tones and treated abstract guitars are added to ‘Fallen’ as a slight deviation to the ambient drone framework.  The short piece ‘Some Nameless Thing’ is then cut from a darker hue, with its layers and heavier toned bedrock distortion which cyclically push towards a death industrial tone. Side B opens with ‘A Shadowed Portal’ which is far weightier and crushing than preceding material (blast furnace walls of industrial distortion and doom drone feedback), before the sustained and elongated quasi-orchestral drones of ‘An Abyss Of Seething Chaos And Cerulean Splendor’ take over. The final track ‘Winter Solstice Procession’ maudlin mood of slow manipulated choir like textures, sparse clanging elements and minimalist undercurrent plays out like a raison d’etre cast off (from the early days of the project), which although hardly original, nails this sound and tone with flair.

To directly compare the two releases, the cassette comes across as the more focused work whereas the CD plays out as a sprawling collection of individual pieces, yet each demonstrates interesting ideas through their blending of elements drawn from black ambient/ dark ambient spheres as well as smatterings of a doom drone sound, without necessarily being slavish to either of these genres.

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