Thoughts on noise receptor journal no.3 from Marco Deplano / Wertham

Some very inspired and kind words from Marco Deplano of Wertham:

“After a couple of months in my possession, I finally got the chance to go through the complete new issue of Noise Receptor. Mr. Stevenson, of Spectrum magazine fame, overdid himself with a bulk of interviews and reviews that keep up the expectations I had after the two excellent previous tomes. Differently by most today’s superficial underground magazines voted to hip minimalism and non-sense, Noise Receptor stands out and enters the category of “things you will read and re-read hundreds of time”, thanks to thorough sincere reviews (a section I gladly skip most of the time in other occasions) and in depth interviews. I can proudly state Richard conducted one of the most intense interrogatories I have ever been submitted to, and the same is valid for the superb discussions to Kristian Olsson, Puce Mary, etc. I really enjoyed the GO special, a project I will never fail to praise… Not one single second of boredom despite the many pages…. So, highly suggested and I really hope we won’t have to wait too long for issue 4!”

Link to original text:


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