Asolaar – Obliterate


Asolaar – Obliterate LP Metaphysik 2013

Being a project and label I have not come across before, Asolaar choose work with a corrosive blend of drone, noise and industrial, without being slavish to any of these particular sounds. Although billed as a full length, ‘Obliterate’ is a relatively short release, so actually more of an mini LP at around 22 minutes, given the shortest tracks come in at around 2 minutes, whilst the longest is around 6 minutes.

The longest track on offer, ‘Anxiety Disintegrated’ opens the album with muted shuddering industrial drones and mid-toned buzzing static which functions as a mid-paced rhythmic pulse to drive the track forwards. Garbled unintelligible voices also bleed into the mix as the piece gradually builds to a quite intense and forceful sound. The following two side A pieces collectively deliver grinding layers within a coarse production, but also maintain a subdued atmosphere, where a clinical but rough tonal squall characterises proceedings. ‘Telsen’ (the first piece on side B) is an excellent example of tense and anxiety inducing electronics, where an undercurrent of dank and caustic industrial distortion is counter balanced by crackling electrics and buzzing industrial static. Moving on to the title track, it is far more subdued that its name may suggest, where low thudding industrial drones and a cavernous production gives way to a forceful yet muted lurching rhythmic throb, whilst ‘La Gloria de Tlitlizen’ is the most experimental toned of the album with a buzzing rhythmic pulse, sweeping static and heavily treated quasi-techno beat.

By cherry picking tonal elements from the broad industrial, noise and drone spheres, Asolaar have bent these to their own agenda and created an interesting experimental blend in the process, but with the industrial elements taking greatest prominence this should be of clear interest to noise receptor readers. Packaging consists of a hand screen printed cover, with rough feel of the screen printed ink on the uncoated card stock providing some pleasing ‘physicality’ to the release.

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