Zyklon SS – War of Terror


Zyklon SS – War of Terror 7”ep Unrest Productions 2015

Following the amazing presentation of the debut cassette “Anti-Personnel Explosive Device” (i.e. tape housed in a large metal tin surrounded with broken glass and rusted nails), the intentionally antagonistic Zyklon SS have returned with their second release on a more standard 7” format. Continuing in much the same vein as the debut, this constitutes crude power electronics delivered via overblown junk metal attack.

‘Nation of Pig’ is the first track single track on side A which sonically functions on two levels. The first consists of a roughly hewn chaotic junk metal sound which is then underscored with a low pulsing/ wavering analogue synth tones to provide just enough hint of structure. On Side B ‘Anal Ripper’ is another rough junk metal driven track, but contains a touch more drive given its underpinning idling rhythm. ‘Slaves Give Birth to Slaves’ is the final of 3 tracks and the most subdued on display and by removing the focused junk metal attack it pushes more towards a classic PE sound of throbbing atonal analogue synths, subdued distortion manipulations and central speech sample of ‘questionable’ politics.

Noting the thematic ‘middle-finger’ antagonism on display and when coupled with its rough and crude approach there appears to be a heavy influence of Streicher at play. This impression is further evidenced by the track title ‘Anal Ripper’, which is assumed to be in homage to the name of Ulex Xane’s own studio.  So without necessarily being plagiarist in sonic approach, in their own way Zyklon SS are paying suitable homage to Streicher’s ongoing legacy. Through this release Zyklon SS again demonstrate they have an provocative attitude and approach, where will be interesting to see how the project develops on subsequent releases as part of their self-professed ongoing “war against moral remediation”.

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