Grunt – Sacrosanct Imperium


Grunt – Sacrosanct Imperium MC Freak Animal 2015

Evidently recorded over the same period as ‘Myth of Blood’, Mikko has also specifically pointed out that material featured herein does not constitute abandoned or leftover material. So, regardless of origin ‘Sacrosanct Imperium’ is a short and tasty 20 minute three track cassette which continues to push Grunt’s audibly recognisable blend of power electronics filth and industrialised noise.

‘Prologue for Plague’ opens site A with a subdued sound that is not at all characteristic of Grunt, where sampled male operatic vocal and semi-orchestral tones weaves in out of a subdued crumbling noise drone. With this acting as a bit of a ‘intro’ piece ‘Sacrosanct Imperium’ then delivers a hard hammer blow, with squelching mid-toned noise and fast paced throbbing militant tinged beat which is loose and unhinged in presentation. Mikko’s vocals are then used sporadically, where they are an urgent high pitched wail to match the urgency and unhinged aspects of the throbbing noise backing, which sprawls out over an extended length. Excellent stuff. ‘Gas Fumes’ is then a single extended piece which takes up Side B, where spitting static fried noise, and lower revving noise loops makes up the bulk of the sound, whilst the noise lines interweave, overlap and interject in equal measures, where vocals are more of the typical gruff shouted type, featuring a slight treated edge and only sporadically used. Late in the piece things calm down somewhat with a mid-toned sustained maudlin organ dirge tone, but with spitting, static fried noise remaining in the foreground. Simply put, another excellent track.

Feeling very much as a companion release to the ‘Myth of Blood’ album, ‘Sacrosanct Imperium’ should not be passed over due to its cassette only format and is another very strong release to add to Grunt’s ever growing discography.

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