Regosphere / Teeth Engraved – Regosphere / Teeth Engraved


Regosphere / Teeth Engraved – Regosphere / Teeth Engraved MC DumpsterScore 2015

As indicated by the title, here are two American based projects who have teamed up for this short 20 minute, 2 track split cassette.

Regosphere take the lead with a track that is very much of the best characteristics of the current American death industrial sound. ‘Panic Architecture’ features ominous cavernous drones, throbbing bass, layered distortion and general junk metal abuse which are coupled with clanging metallic rhythms and roared, distortion scarred vocals. There is a definite degree of compositional skills with a moody pacing to the piece, which although threatens to explode does not, choosing to ride a tense knifes edge over its length.

Teeth Engraved (short for Teeth Engraved with the Names of the Dead) take up the flip side, with a rather surprising piece, where ‘Charting the Barrens’ differs for their staunchly death industrial debut CD released on Malignant Recordings in 2014. Here the track covers a quite filmic horror movie soundtrack style. Being very much more subdued than I was expecting it delivers a pleasingly moody piece, noting quasi-orchestral strings, sustained bass drones, distant rumbling distortion and tolling church bell are the order of proceedings.  Here the evoked sound is not too dissimilar to the early works of raison d’etre, although the shredded vocals in the later sections clearly sets it apart.

The pro-printed metallic grey tape, with coloured j-card makes for a very enjoyable, albeit short split tape. Worthy.


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