Diutesc – Evilution Resurrected / Draconigena


Diutesc – Evilution Resurrected / Draconigena CD/DVD Old Captain 2015

For those unaware, Diutesc is the industrial/ power electronics project of Walter Adam Von Dewitz (aka Roland Freisler), who is the former vocalist and provocateur of Genocide Organ (who incidentally departed the group in 1999). ‘Evilution’ in its first version was issues in 2009 as a self-released a CDr/ DVDr and evidently sold out instantly at the time.

For this updated version packing has been given a much needed update with a more appropriate visual presentation, whilst the CD includes 5 additional previously unreleased tracks (3 of these being listed under the alternative project names HWB and Surd). For the DVD the original DVDr documentary “Die Beweise auf den Tisch – Untersuchungen zum 11.09.2001”, has been replaced with a series of documentary type news pieces, but are all exclusively in German and without subtitles (additionally the DVD contains a series of information pamphlets, which are again exclusively in German).

Overall there is a general similar and minimalist approach to the 19 album tracks, where the basis structure is set up and moves though minimal variation (tracks average around 4 minutes or so in length). Broadly encompassing crude and disjointed programmed rhythmic structures, the various pieces are then completed with fractured loops, squelching noise, smatterings of dialogue samples and heavily processed vocals (ranging from spoken to agonized screams). When these elements come together in a no-frills and direct capacity, the results are spot on and absolutely hit the mark. Yet coupled with these ‘hits’, are those tracks which are clear ‘misses’; such as the rather bizarre tracks which appear to constitute little more than ‘preset’ synthesizer backing rhythm tracks which are fed through a distortion treatment (…power electronics rumba anyone?!). Beyond such missteps, two particular album standouts for their slight deviation in sound are ‘Don’t Forget Me’ and ‘The Right Time’, which both feature a minimalist militant percussive thump, squelching noise and wailing/ screeched vocals.

With regard to the DVD component, given that all material is exclusively in German it is a bit of a shame that subtitles are not included, nor are any of the additional PDF’s duplicated in English.  This is then a specific shortcoming for non German speakers/ readers to able to further explore presented thematic angles (…and which on face value alone appears to focus on the banking, finance and stock market systems).

Although there are both ‘hit’ and ‘miss’ moments on this album, and it must also be acknowledged that most tracks do not match the honed aggression of the ‘What Have You Done?’ 7”ep. Yet despite all this, it is still an intriguing and interesting listen to hear the minimalist industrial/ power electronics experimentation of the former Genocide Organ front man, and with a limitation of 200 this is an album to not expected to be available for long.


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