Abjection Ritual – Futility Rites


Abjection Ritual Futility Rites CD Malignant Records 2015

With two self released CDr’s under their belt from 2014 and 2015 respectively, Abjection Ritual proved themselves to be an extremely strong and focused newcomer to the current crop of American death industrial projects (…think Steel Hook Prosthesis, Gnawed, the Vomit Arsonist etc.).  Obviously Malignant Records noted this too; whom have signed and now issued their formal debut.  But if any negatives were to be leveled at the earlier self-released CDr’s, their rather basic and rudimentary packaging and graphic presentation was not quite fitting for the caliber of the music.  Thankfully those failings in design and presentation have been fully rectified here.

As mentioned Abjection Ritual sound typically American in its death industrial styling, which in turn is sound which has built upon the foundations set down by the classic Swedish groups such as Archon Satani, Megaptera, Brighter Death Now etc. As such ‘Futility Rites’ delivers a veritable orchestra of factory/ warehouse based sounds which are roughly hewn into rhythmic and vaguely song-like form. Thus in a tonally capacity buzzing frequencies, shredded vocals, needling tones, and slow and steady bass toned thumps are on offer in varying compositional structures.  Wielding such elements to develop slow to mid paced offerings, they are then augmented with well-placed ‘hellfire and damnation’ religious focused samples.

Early album track ‘Barren’ hits the mark in stalking fashion; featuring a grinding mechanical underbelly and fissures of erupting steam, as the layered vocals make proclamations of wrath, angst and pain.  The excellent and atmospherically ominous ‘Scum Immersion’ opts for rusted steel scraping on concrete sounds which are wrapped up in a deep mine shaft/ bomb shelter type ambience, whilst the jagged distortion of the vocals are not much more than another shredded sound layer. The title track then features as most forceful of the 8 album tracks, being a machinery like rhythmically pounding/ driving piece with sub-orchestral bass focused synths, and further completed with the tormented vocals.  The final track ‘Tabernacle of Teeth and Tongue’ is as amazing as the title suggestions, here using as base of crumbling static, collapsing walls of metallic debris and layered noise filth, with the distortion flayed vocals towards the end verging on a black metal choked rasp.

Hitting many of the hallmarks of a classic death industrial sound, but also updating them with a more focused and harsher current American slant, Abjection Ritual have with seeming ease elevated themselves to a pinnacle level within the scene.  Without question ‘Futility Rites’ a highly focused and expertly crafted album by an artist that feels perfectly at home on the Malignant Records roster.

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