Kneeling Knave – The Messiah Complex / Involuntary Admission


Kneeling Knave – The Messiah Complex / Involuntary Admission 7″ep Altered States Tapes 2016

Kneeling Knave are a new Melbourne based ‘industrial’ project, which is a solo project of Cooper Bowman who has previously issued a number of releases under the Roman Nails banner, which itself is a project focusing on experimental techno/ electronica.  However in order to sidestep the stylistic slant of Roman Nails, Kneeling Knave opt for more a direct death industrial/ power electronics sound.

‘The Messiah Complex’ leads off Side A leads off with a strong industrial throb and some understated percussive textures to generate a mid-paced and minimalist style.  The vocals are then delivered in a harsh and distorted style, which provides a death industrial to muted power electronics slant to proceedings. Flipping over to Side B, it features ‘Involuntary Admission’, being a slower lurching track of stilled bass thuds and intertwining pulsing atonal synth lines.  Some understated ‘high-hat’ programming late in the piece, which themselves gives a nod to the approach of Cooper’s other output, however (again) the rough distorted vocals make an appearance to keep the mood squarely in the industrial underground.

Although having a thick analogue edge, the sound is also not overly rough in sound texture and execution.  Likewise with the understated programmed/ percussive elements, the overall impression is that Kneeling Knave leans towards the sound, direction and style of the Galakthorro label roster, albeit in slightly less refined terms.  So all in all this is a short yet enjoyable debut 7”ep from this new project.

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