Tesla Sect – The Nikita Mill


Tesla Sect – The Nikita Mill MC Cipher Productions 2016

Cipher Productions have dug up another act whom I have not heard of before, but according to the release blurb Telsa Sect are a duo from Adelaide, Australia, with this being their first release, being: A Dionysian exploration of tape decay, harsh electronics and the defect-prone qualities of analogue consumer electronics.

So, first up the packaging deserves a mention, with the tape being beautifully housed in an oversized and repurposed 7” tape reel cardboard box, with cover image separately affixed to the front panel (artwork courtesy of Mark Groves of Dead Boomers, Sabbatical etc.).  As for the sonics, the tape then covers around 30 minutes of music in total, the sound is one which is typically harsher than spheres covered by typical tape experimentation, whilst also being too loose and freeform to be classified as power electronics proper.  So essentially the sound is one which manages to have a foot in both camps without being slavish to either.  Some sense of structure comes from various stilted loops, but these also are in fractured and misfiring ‘idling machine’ style, to keep the sound loose and chaotic.  The tracks construction is also choppy and chaotic, although not sounding to be result of random improvisation either.  With no specific or individual tracks listed, there are defiantly segments or sections which are clearly akin to specific ‘tracks’, but at the same time it is best to simply enjoy this tape in its totality, where the sound swings from moments of restraint to others driven by sonic shards, creaking metal, bursts of electronic static and fractured loops etc. (…perhaps more succinctly described as sonic chaos delivered with direction and purpose).

Given its meagre limitation of 32 copies (perhaps dictated by the availability of the box it is housed in?), I assume this may already be sold out.  But if not, this should be checked out as a strong, non-typical sounding release in the fields of (harsh) tape experimentation.  As a final comment it is noted that each sides of the the tape is labelled ‘C’ and ‘D’, which then begs the question – where are sides ‘A’ and ‘B’? (…something to mull over…or perhaps not…).

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