S.T.A.B. Electronics – Enemy OF Pigs

S.T.A.B. Electronics – Enemy OF Pigs LP Unrest Productions 2019

Is it really four years since the last S.T.A.B. Electronics was issued in 2015? I guess that is the truth of it, but it certainly feels it was only a couple of years ago at most. Ah, how time flies. Anyway, here is the new brutal power electronics offering from this UK project, and in pulling no punches Enemy Of Pigs is without question an aggressive aural attack. But also in truth this was perhaps was to be expected.

Given its relatively straight forward and no-frills power electronics approach, each of the seven tracks are structured around a number of blended sonic layers, broadly consisting of looped/ mid-toned harsh distortion, industrial strength/ noise infused drones and smatterings of dialogue samples. In also acknowledging the project’s trademark and standout vocals, these are again present in their white knuckled profanity laden rage, where lyrical focus spans both social commentary on matters such as identify politics, as well as those tracks of clear personal catharsis. Yet it is pleasing that tonal variation has been employed in the way which the vocals have been treated, processed, mixed and layered, meaning they are far from one dimensional in approach.

To speak of specific tracks, album opener High Infant Mortality features a Jim Jones ‘drink the kool-aid’ related sample, which itself has been looped and repeats throughout a track of shuddering bass heavy noise and vocals which are smeared with distortion across the mix. The following track Slug then ups the brutality with churning static and vocals which barely contain their spite and rage. Her Dead Eyes is another visceral standout based on the hard and nails sonics, as well as the delivery of and thematic focus of the vocals. Likewise, the cascading looped distortion and quivering noise Sic Semper Tyranis provides the backing for another vocal barrage, which themselves have been pitched and slowed for added impact.

If you have heard earlier material from S.T.A.B. Electronics you are going to know what to expect here. Yet even with that said there is a noticeable refinement and control in the way in which these tracks have been constructed, layered and mixed, making for yet another storming addition to the S.T.A.B. discography. Issued in limited editions on vinyl and cassette.


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