Terror Cell Unit ‎– God Took Everything Away From Us So Now We Will Take Everything From You

Terror Cell Unit God Took Everything Away From Us So Now We Will Take Everything From You LP In Solace Publishing 2019

Although issued in 2019, God Took Everything… is not a new recording from Terror Cell Unit; rather it is a reissue of a 30-minute cassette issued on Unseen Force in early 2018, where the four tracks swing from brooding mood to bristling tension.

With Isaiah 34 opening the album, it warrants consideration of the title’s biblical reference: in this context it can be surmised as Isaiah’s apocalyptic prophecy of God’s wrath against the nations of the earth. Unintelligible vocals introduce the track, before a plague of buzzing textures and maudlin synth lines bulk out the sonic frame. Things then ramp up mid-track with wailing alarms, pummeling bass, and noise-speared vocals for good measure. Perdition is next and uses simple oscillating bass heavy layers for direct impact, and again mid-track veers off in style and sound with stilted semi-rhythmic distorted noise. With this track acting as a bridge to Side B, the flip side opens with a completely storming track, God Chose Us, featuring grinding bass, muted synths, wavering drones, and urgent Morse code sonics. Here the first line of the brutal and unhinged vocals features a lyrical cry of “All things are possible through Jesus Christ. Love and Hate. Hate for you and the world you love”, and this seals the deal of this being blood-boiling material. But in balancing this aggressive and tensile mood, the heavier elements soon fall away to a lengthy brooding section of tensile heavy electronics, including wailing sirens, dialogue samples, and the return of an unhinged vocal barrage late in the track. On the final track God Will Forgive Us But God Will Never Forgive You is (again) split into two distinct parts, where the first is brooding and subdued, with controlled bass-driven loops and muted synths, gradually building with tensile intent before ramping up to squelching noise and a vocal barrage processed to the point of unrecognizability – again delivering the goods.

Noting that I became acquainted with this in quick succession to the Psalm 137:9 LP, this is another Terror Cell Unit release that absolutely delivers in spades. Strongly recommended.


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