Envenomist & Murderous Vision ‎– Liminal Presence

Envenomist & Murderous Vision Liminal Presence CD Live Bait Recording Foundation 2019

Being more than familiar with Murderous Vision’s dark ambient and death industrial output (which now spans decades), this is less the case with Envenomist, who have released around two dozen albums issued since the mid 2000’s. Of those albums I have only heard the Chariots LP from 2007, and while tagged as dark ambient and drone, it also stood out for its tensile, animated and invasive sound. On Liminal Presence, it is a part collaboration and part split, and by that I meant that each project contributes four tracks each, while the album is bookended by a further two collaborative tracks. But unlike typical splits which effectively segments a release into halves, here the track order is mixed between projects. So rather than seeking to identify ‘who did what’ this review has considered the album as a whole (although it warrants a mention that Murdurous Vision’s contributions sit towards a dark ambient than death industrial sound).

As an overall comment Liminal Presence sits at the ambient and abstracted end of sonic expression, and excels with its blend of caustic industrial drone and abstracted and tensile sub-orchestral ambiences. As a general observation deep rumbling industrial drones are cut across with shrill sonic textures resembling orchestral strings, while in other tracks muted and sustained piano notes reinforce the dank sub-orchestral tone. The pacing is slow and unhurried, yet some occasional looped rhythmic textures provide a sense of laborious forward momentum. Equally the production has a widescreen breadth, while equally being deep and cavernous, which either sprawls out towards the event horizon, or otherwise sonically spirals downward into an unfathomable yawning abyss. The chosen track titles function as being vividly representative of what to expect, with applicable examples including: Time Dilation, Sleepwalker, Naked Singularities, Fathomless Light, Inverted Realm & Liminiferous Aether.

While clearly being a genre-oriented piece given that it does not seek to being in new elements or approaches to dark ambient/drone, Liminal Presence remains as an expertly executed which maintain attention and interest throughout. As may be expected for this type of material, listening to this on headphones perhaps yields best sonic results. A 6 panel cardboard digi-sleeve round out the presentation with artistically abstracted shapes, in a limitation of 300 copies.

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