Haare – Brain

Haare – Brain CD Aussaat 2020

This Finnish project have been recordings since the early 2000’s and in the process has generated an imposing back catalogue of raw industrial noise and muted power drones enveloped in hallucinogenic bad vibes. Personally, I am only familiar with a handful of releases, but I do have an impression that rather than jut using synths and noise equipment, Haare utilizes a guitar as a key sonic input, albeit one which is used in a very abstracted and atypical way.

Of the earlier Haare material I have heard it was noted to contain a greater degree of shrilly harsh, raw and freeform industrial noise. That sound then differs somewhat from this latest album, and when the promo blurb describing this a ‘psychedelic industrial monolith’ this is quite an apt and spot on description. The opening track Electric Buddha functions to set the scene and unfurls slowly with an aquatic rumble, off-kilter sounds, mid-toned abstracted guitar squalls and vague melodious strumming. The title track follows and burrows into the sensory cortex with thickly echoed, yet muted looping drones, which also embodied an early 1980’s industrial noise type. At the centre of the album Azathoth is the sound of an acid trip turned sour, with muted rumble, disembodied whispered voices, flailing percussion and free-form guitars. The back half of the album features two lengthy tracks. The first, Spirit Trip, is perhaps the wonkiest track on offer, with segments of ritualized percussion, interspersed with lengthy passage of sweeping atonal guitar drones. The final of the five album tracks is Portal which concludes the album with a meditative tone. With a crawling pace the muted layered drones and catacombic industrial rumble it generates a suitably dank atmosphere over its close to ten-minute span.

Beyond the sonics, the ‘acid generation’ imagery of the artwork in combination with the lime green, black and white colour scheme reinforces the psychedelic edge of the album. Brain is an album that will clearly appeal to listeners of raw industrial sounds, yet more importantly it contains ample elements of individual weirdness to stand completely apart from the pack.

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