Blood Rhythms ‎– Zerrissenheit

Blood Rhythms ‎– Zerrissenheit CDr No Part Of It 2020

The first material I heard from Blood Rhythms was 2019’s Civil War (reviewed here), where the approach on Zerrissenheit deviates quite significantly, given it is instrumental and based on subdued industrial loops and abstracted experimental soundscapes. The promo blurb then notes the album constitutes: ‘Mainly what Arvo Zylo did with recording sessions playing on John Cage’s first prepared piano! It is worked over in Zylo’s signature style of excessive layering and looping, and also features contributions from Dave Phillips, Bruce Lamont, and Blake DeGraw’. Of the seven tracks spanning 40 minutes, each piece is titled the same as the album, which translates from German to mean ‘conflict’.

Leading off the album, the first track delivers a lengthy piece based around rhythmic loops and moody sustained drones, and thus is relatively straight down the line. From here however the direction starts to deviate, where the second track acts as a short abstracted piano intro to the third, which itself is a tensile horror soundscape, featuring shrill strings, echoed field-recordings and sparse atonal piano notes, and is an excellent post-industrial/dark ambient offering. A brief piano motif characterises track four, which is then treated with sustained echoed and looped ad infinitum, while the track fifth throws a complete curveball with looped jazz freak out saxophone and aggressive atonal piano note stabs. Heading back to raw underground territory, track six is based on a rough and heavy yet relatively simple looped structure which sprawls over with little variation of extended length. The final track follows a similar approach, yet in its later segment chaotic piano playing makes an appearance.

If Zerrissenheit does anything, it is a clear statement that Blood Rhythms ‎are intent on ignoring all typical genre confines, and are willing to purse and sound which charts the artistically experimental world as much as it does the post-industrial underground.

Note: – although a CDr release, this is a pro-printed disc and cover.

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