Genocide Organ ‎– Juhayman Al-Utaybi

Genocide Organ ‎– Juhayman Al-Utaybi 7” EP Tesco Organisation 2020

With 32 years of activity and counting, Genocide Organ forge ever forwards without slowing down or altering their uncompromising approach. Juhayman Al-Utaybi is the third 7” EP in a more recent series that focuses on various expressions of religious extremism. Specifically, this release focuses on the armed civilian insurgent occupation of the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia over the course of 14 days in November and December 1979, where Juhayman al-Otaybi led a group of approximately 500 men. Ultimately, the takeover was not successful. Al-Otaybi and 67 of his fellow insurgents who survived were captured and later beheaded.

Bid’Ah takes up Side A, and delivers thick overblown bass rhythmic pulse, mid-toned maudlin wavering drone, and other crumbling distorted textures, yet it remains controlled overall. A preacher’s call and chanted crowd response draws the focus during the first section, while later the heavily-treated spoken vocals and dialogue samples further flesh out the theme. Wilayat Al-Faqih on Side B ups the aggression a few notches towards blood-boiling intensity, with the drones being more urgent and the static elements fizzing and incessant. Again, the vocals are heavily processed, rendered all but indecipherable, while other sampled speeches are buried in the background.

With one track brooding and controlled in execution (Side A), and the other elevating to more intense territory (Side B), both compositions are direct and to the point, relying on relatively simple and straightforward elements, but shaped and sonically framed for maximum impact. In essence, Genocide Organ again nail their long-established sound perfectly and seemingly with the utmost ease. Recommended.

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