Trust Collective Batch 2021

Trust Collective cassette batch 2021

The Trust Collective label is notable for its wide range of releases across the post-industrial underground landscape, covering material from mellow dark ambient/ electronica to harsh industrial/ noise. Personally speaking, I have tended to gravitate more towards the calmer material on the label’s roster, thus following below is a brief rundown of a few of these types of releases from the recent cassette batches.

Appropriate Savagery – Chaos As Inevitable Addiction MC Trust Collective 2021

Based on the project name and title, the immediate impression is this is likely to be of a modern power electronics type, yet in truth that is far from the case. Instead, this tape delivers a blend of experimental dark ambient and post-industrial drift. Sonically speaking the material is a blend of metallic drones, slow rhythmical thrum, sparse field recordings, minimal orchestral styled synths and gloomy piano melodies. The resultant tone and mood duly chart a knife’s edge between ambient moments and more tensile atmospherics for great overall effect. Eight tracks in all make up an album lengths tape, housed in an oversized clamshell case.

Lessons In Hate – Painting of Desire MC Trust Collective 2021

Here is another release where the project name suggests something far harder and harsher than what is ultimately delivered. Lessons In Hate instead are concerned with focusing on instrumental ambient electronica, with slow shifting dour melodious synth and minimalist piano lines being the general sonic approach. With the seven tracks having a mellow melancholic flow, this is far from complex material, but moodily engaging all the same with a vaguely cinematic pretence.

Madrelarva – Nektar MC Trust Collective 2021

Previously unknown to me, Madrelarva’s approach is concerned with slow morphing ambient soundscapes, featuring sparse aquatic tinged tones and other distant windswept droning elements. Such elements are then further blended with shimmering melodious elements and sparse spoken vocals. The end results function as abstract soundscapes which glide forwards in an unhurried and unobtrusive fashion which works well as a general background ambience, rather than demanding focused and detailed listening. Although with that said a number of tracks on Side B feature wonky rhythmic mechanical loops for a more focused impact.

Volunteer Coroner – In the Garden of Blood And Bones MC Trust Collective 2021

For this new tape, moody post-industrial soundscapes and darkly tinged ambient electronics abound. As for its sonic elements muted structural loops and semi-melodious, repeating synth lines maintain forward motion and musical focus, and while on occasion scrabbling distorted textures appear, they remain subdued overall. Not being as dark or oppressive as suggested by track titles, this is a well-executed, dourly atmospheric release. The artwork by James Light also visually makes this release stand out from the trademark collage artwork of much of Trust Collective catalogue. Housed in an oversized clamshell with artwork insert.

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