Noise Receptor Journal: Archive Volume 2 book : now available

Noise Receptor Journal: Archive Volume 2 book : published December 2022

Noise Receptor Journal functions as a critical publication to shine a light on the often-obscured post-industrial underground. It is also a celebration of, and an archival document charting, the current activities of key artists and labels.

Noise Receptor Journal : Archive Volume 2 draws together Issues No.4, No.5 & No.6, published between 2016-2018, and when combined with additional bonus content results in a 352 page book. Featured artists: Anemone Tube / Armour Group / Concrete Mascara / Damien Dubrovnik / Death In June / Detrimental Effect /Genocide Organ / Hospital Productions / Human Larvae / Inade / John Murphy / Kevlar / Posh Isolation / Prurient / Trapdoor Tapes / Young Hustlers / Ulex Xane (Streicher) Plus:

  • 200+ detailed reviews of dark ambient / industrial / experimental / heavy electronics / neo-folk / power electronics releases
  • Longform interview with Noise Receptor Journal’s creator Richard Stevenson
  • Follow up 2021 interview with Ulex Xane (Streicher)
  • Afterword commentary by Mikko Aspa/ Freak Animal Records

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