Anemone Tube – The Three Worlds: Allegory of Vanity/Forget Heaven/Vanity of Allegory

Anemone Tube – The Three Worlds: Allegory of Vanity/Forget Heaven/Vanity of Allegory 3xCD Box The Epicurean/La Esencia 2017

Anemone Tube has been rather prolific in recent years involving main albums and collaborative splits; however, this triple CD does not contain new material, but functions to draw together a collection of earlier out of print and previously unreleased material spanning the years 1997 to 2013.

With the tracks on CD1 and CD2 dating broadly from the period of 1997 to 2000, they are notably looser and less refined, but do still retain a semblance of structure and direction, rather than being overtly chaotic. Overall there is a sense of the tracks being sprawling in scope, built around atmospheric yet abrasive sonics and fleeting musical moments which are revealed through synth washes, sampled Asiatic strings, clean-plucked guitar, pulsing programming etc. (depending on the track).  An overall impression of this material is that the production sits towards the murkier grey-toned end of the sonic spectrum, which is particularly highlighted when compared to the tonal clarity of current material. Another observation to make is that as the material featured on the first two discs is from the earlier phase of the project, it is perhaps more typically representative of the abstract post-industrial sounds being produced at the time. As such the material on the first two discs is specifically interesting in providing context to the early developmental phase and is equally demonstrative of how far Anemone Tube have progressed with their sound and approach to composition and production on current releases.

With the first two discs providing a history lesson on the project, the material featured on the third disc more readily resembles the current sound and direction of Anemone Tube (six tracks are from the 2007 to 2013 period, with a further three from 1998 to 1999, but only released in 2013). The first unreleased piece, Obscure the Sun, is grim and ominous in tone and expertly blends field recording elements, mid-toned distortion and melodious synth lines; it unites nicely with the following three tracks which are previously unreleased pieces from the Death Over China recording sessions. While these pieces are equally complex and as engaging as the material on Death Over China, they are notably different for their distorted ferocity, junk metal crunch and pulsing structures (it’s then understandable why they were not included on the main album). The following four tracks are broadly similar in that they are short tracks which opt for a looser and sprawling, partly attacking, industrial noise approach. This then leaves the final track From Anthropocentrism to Demonocentrism II to conclude the set with a more recognized (and excellent) piece of heavily-treated field recording elements, invasive distortion, and looped melody-tinged drones.

On the visual side of things, the beautifully designed packaging, highly conceptual imagery and overall slick and refined presentation functions to unite these various recordings under a coherent banner. Available in two editions, including three separate CDs each in six panel digi-file (300 copies) or as a special edition hand numbered edition in a cardboard sleeve including a poster, sticker, and patch with logo.


Last Dominion Lost – Abomination of Desolation

Last Dominion Lost – Abomination of Desolation LP The Epicurean/La Esencia 2017

The sound of Last Dominion Lost has always been rooted in an early primitive industrial expression, and particularly within the archetype established by SPK on their first two albums. Yet it must also be said that Last Dominion Lost have never sounded purposefully regressive; rather their sound is reflective both of the age and creative lineage of its members (which itself in part links back to SPK). It is also unavoidable to observe that the death of key member John Murphy in 2015 looms over this album, particularly as it features his contributions made before his untimely passing. Yet even in the face of John’s death, the remaining members of Jon Evans and Julian Percy have regrouped and forged ahead, being joined by the former sessional member Till Bruggeman now as a full-time member.

While the previous album hinted at influences from early SPK, this album builds upon that influence within their own sound to deliver what is their most well realized album to date. In its broadest sense, these tracks are shorn of any feeling of being a predetermined ‘song’ format, instead they are showcased as disorientating ‘movements’ which follow their own patterns and internalized logic and elevate atmospherics over any display of overt aggression. As such, sporadic garbled whispers, yells and cries from the asylum mix with treated radio voices, shattering glass, atonal rhythmic elements (generated from a multitude of atypical percussive sources), pulsing/sweeping/brooding synth lines, abstract guitars/bass and generally perplexing tones/sounds. These elements then intermingle in the best way possible by never feeling unduly chaotic, unplanned or improvised; rather the material feels to be the result of the meticulous composition of non-musical elements to create wonky and disorienting industrial soundscapes. This is not a long album by any measure given it features 10 tracks over 40 minutes, but with the tracks being generally in the order of four minutes each, they bleed one into the next as part of a greater whole and from this perspective it is of far less importance to highlight individual tracks. Although, to speak of an individual element, John’s distinctive wailing vocalizations scattered throughout the album are a welcome reminder of his involvement and legacy.  Sound-wise the production is clean, loud and tonally separated, which in the listening provides a painstaking level of detailing across its deeper bass-addled elements and upfront micro-tonal textures.

With the sheer glut of post-industrial albums being issued over the years, thankfully albums like this come along to clearly establish how things should be done, which is then based on the degree of professionalism applied to the writing, recording and production and which is further reflected in the graphic design and presentation of the sleeve. On all fronts, this is a clear highlight of 2017.


TenHornedBeast – Death Has No Companion

TenHornedBeast – Death Has No Companion CD Cold Spring Records 2017

Having heard a number of early album’s from TenHornedBeast (around a decade ago now), it seems that I have not kept up with continued output over recent years.  From my memory of those earlier releases they encompassed dark ambient drone-scapes, but also verged of doom drone at times through the use of slow distorted guitars (and while I enjoyed them, they also did not stay in listening rotation for long and have not revisited them since). Yet Death Has No Companion has now thrust me back into the sonic world of TenHornedBeast and it has come as rather a bit of a refreshing surprise.

To speak of the album’s cover, straight off the mark the sound perfectly matches the atmosphere of the wintry imagery (photos taken by solo member Christopher Walton). This also reveals the core focus of Death Has No Companion as cold arctic drone-scapes, where sparse compositional minimalism give rise to widescreen barren vistas in the mind’s eye. Featuring only three tracks the album still spans 60 minutes, meaning the tracks are on the lengthy side (between 17 and 24 minutes each), thus take their in sonically unfurling. Being constructed around a base of slow morphing drones and sustained shimmering textures, additional elements provide tonal variation (such as sparse horn/ string like melodies, sustained lone piano notes and (perhaps?) treated gong tones). The middle track The Lamentations of Their Women is also the most animated of the three offerings, featuring a prominent cyclic loop, and with some more ‘metallic’ tones layers verges slightly towards a death ambient sound.

A general observation to be made is that the sound is rooted in a ‘classic’ 1990’s expression, which is perhaps reflective of Christopher’s long-standing involvement in the underground, extending back to his days in Endvra (and of interest this album being similar in part to the sonic minimalism of Endvra’s album The Watcher). Although elongated, meditative and heavily abstracted, there is still more than ample sonic nuance to be discovered which ensure this an engaging album and which can masterfully draw you into its cold and barren world. Based on this album, it now has me intrigued to investigate back catalogue of album’s which have previously passed me by.

Noise Receptor Journal Issue No.5 released!

Issue No.5 of Noise Receptor Journal has just been released on 5th October, 2017

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CONTENT: In depth interviews with: Anemone Tube, Armour Group, Human Larvae, Inade, Trapdoor Tapes Young Hustlers. Tower Transmissions VI live report with photos (8 pages). Two ‘visual essays’ by Anemone Tube, spanning 14 pages.

FREE CD: All direct orders will receive a copy of the newly released Cold Spring Records Sampler CD ‘PYRE’, featuring 15 tracks of Industrial, Esoteric, Dark Ambient, Ritual, Japanese Noise, Drone, Power Electronics, Doom, Death Industrial, Experimental. More details here.


Pre-orders for Noise Receptor Journal Issue No.5 starts now!


The new has just been submitted to the printer, with a target release date of 16th October.

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In depth interviews with: Anemone Tube, Armour Group, Human Larvae, Inade, Trapdoor Tapes Young Hustlers.
Tower Transmissions VI live report with photos (8 pages).
Two ‘visual essays’ by Anemone Tube, spanning 14 pages.
70 in depth music reviews (ambient/ industrial/ experimental / power electronics etc.)

A5 Format.
Professional grey-scale print. ‘perfect bound’ spine, with matt laminate, thick card stock cover.
100 pages in length.

International distribution: TBC, but expected to include:

USA: Malignant Records, Tesco Distro, Alalog Worship, Vacation Vinyl, Heaven Street/ Material World
UK: Cold Spring Records, Unrest Productions
Germany: Tesco Organisation, Deutsche Asphalt, Schattenmann’s ZineZone, The Epicurian, Loki Foundarion/ Deep Audio
Finland: Freak Animal, Aural Hypnox, Filth & Violence
Sweden: Tordon Ljud, Reverse Alignment
Norway: Where Frost Reign
France: La Plaque Noir

FREE CD: All direct orders will receive a copy of the newly released Cold Spring Records Sampler CD ‘PYRE’, featuring 15 tracks of Industrial, Esoteric, Dark Ambient, Ritual, Japanese Noise, Drone, Power Electronics, Doom, Death Industrial, Experimental. More details via: