Trepaneringsritualen – Konung Dómaldr Vid Upsala Hängd

T x R x P MC

Trepaneringsritualen – Konung Dómaldr Vid Upsala Hängd MC Merzbild 2013

‘Konung Dómaldr Vid Upsala Hängd’ is a new limited edition MC from TxRxP which thematically relates to the norse legend of the Swedish King Domalde, whose ritual self sacrifice prevented an impending famine.  This conceptual content is addressed within the cover image, which is a black and white excerpt of Carl Larsson’s famous painting ‘Midvinterblot’ (‘Midwinter Sacrifice’), whilst the Swedish song titles roughly translate to: ‘For The Benefit of the Swedes’, ‘Blood Rain’ and ‘The Corpse of the Fallen Dómaldr’.

Containing three tracks (repeated both sides of the MC), these essentially bleed into a singular 30 minute ritual death ambient composition.  Although the first track leads off with some gritty textural static, the main focus is squarely the procession of slow deathly drums, swirling winds, wavering synth textures and croaked / echo distorted vocals, which combine to deliver an excellent track of slow brooding ritual menace.  The second track is sparser in construction and encompasses an air of distant abstraction to its voluminous atmosphere.  Here a lone cavernous bass thump provides focus in amongst various sweeping/ cavernous tonal elements and the call/ response of howling wolves.  Third and final track continues the windswept sound in a slightly more forceful guise, building upon ominous drones, a slow percussive bass pulse and a melancholic synth line akin to the title track of Brighter Death Now’s ‘Necrose Evangelicum’ album – an excellent and harrowing conclusion to the MC.

If it wasn’t already blatantly obvious, noise receptor is a big supporter of TxRxP, with ‘Konung Dómaldr Vid Upsala Hängd’ being yet another excellent release within the project’s expanding discography.